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Welcome Message (2016)

APH Annual Conference 2016 · Kick It Up

Martha Humphries photo
Martha Humphries
Conference Program Chair 2016

Our host city, Fort Worth was recognized by Conde Nast Traveler magazine as one of the friendliest cities in the United States. One reader enthused that Fort Worth is "Southern friendly done right—very clean, warm and welcoming." In that same spirit, I am eager to welcome each of you to the 2016 annual conference of the Association of Personal Historians, the Life Story People, with a special invitation for each of you to discover your inner cowboy or cowgirl.

Our theme, "Kick It Up" challenges each of us as personal historians to find ways we can energize our personal history businesses, with new challenges, ideas, and approaches to reach more clients and expand our service offerings.

Our 2016 keynote speakers were chosen for their unique appeal to all personal historians no matter their level of experience or genre. The APH all-volunteer selection committee has chosen a wide variety of pre-conference seminars and workshops to be presented by audio, video, print, and niche experts.

But the keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops are only part of the educational opportunity available at our annual conference: It also offers members of every level to expand their professional network and learn from one another. Our members are well known for their willingness to share and learn from one another. Warm and friendly are good words to describe Fort Worth, but they are also just as relevant in describing our members.

Come to the conference. Greet old friends; meet new friends. Be ready to "Kick It Up" and energize your personal history business in Fort Worth, Texas.

Martha Humphries, 2016 APH Conference Program Chair

Message from the President

Bill Horne photo
Bill Horne, APH President 2016

Sure 'nuff, we are fixin' to head to Fort Worth in just a few months, for the 21st annual APH conference, and let me tell you just a bit of what Conference Director Mary Beth Lagerborg and her amazing team of Conference Program Chair Martha Humphries and the local volunteer organizing committee have on the grill for us. Yeehaw!

There's nothing quite like an APH conference. Old friends love to see each other, but new members have a unique opportunity to learn new skills, ask countless questions, socialize with dozens of colleagues, and in general, learn what you need to know to tackle the business world of personal history with confidence.

You will have a challenge selecting from all the inspiring workshops presented to you. There are so many amazing learning experiences crammed into a few short days. And we will all learn something about the "Wild West" of olden days.

One workshop I will be sure to attend is that given by one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Max Krochmal from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, on how to increase diversity in our operations. As you may know, this is my personal #1 objective for APH in 2016. Dr. Krochmal will use examples to illustrate how personal historians can engage communities and individuals of different cultures.

This year's public event, which we invited locals to attend to learn about what APH does, is a special presentation of Oral Fixation, a popular Dallas storytelling event that's been growing in popularity for the past six years. Check it out at

So please invest some time in reading this advance program and sign up to "Kick It Up" in Fort Worth. I even sense my first-ever pair of cowboy boots on the horizon . . .

Bill Horne, APH President, 2016