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Scholarship Opportunities

APH Annual Conference 2016 · Kick It Up

Robert D. Joyce Scholarship Fund

Bob Joyce passed away in August 2009. Bob will always be a part of our APH history. This scholarship fund was named in his honor. We remember him. We miss him.

Short on money but eager to attend this year's conference?

Consider applying for a conference scholarship. Because of the generosity of its members and the enthusiasm of APH's first conference organizer, Robert D. Joyce (APH President, 1998 to 2001), APH is offering full - and half-registration fee scholarships. Recipients have to cover their own travel, lodging, incidentals or any other expenses.

Applicant Eligibility and Requirements

* Application must be time-stamped by midnight, July 31, 2016.

Further Information

If you have any questions, email Solomon Kahn, APH Treasurer