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Welcome Message (2015)

APH 20th Anniversary Conference · Cultivate & Thrive

Liz Abess photo
Liz Abess – 2015 Conference Program Chair

The discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley sparked the Gold Rush of 1849, a documented historical event that has defined this region for over a century. As personal historians, we celebrate and record the past, yet we manage our lives and businesses in the present. The twentieth Anniversary Cultivate & Thrive conference strives to bring together the best of both, cultivating a discernible blend of past and present in a program intentionally designed to focus on a thriving future.

The capital of California and labeled the City of Trees, present-day Sacramento is surrounded by world-class wine regions and was recently named the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America. As such, our Saturday night anniversary dinner will include locally grown fresh produce and a wine tasting, along with a special gift for all who attend.

This year's conference will focus on the twentieth anniversary of APH, with speakers and a free public event that, combined, embody three of the key components of Sacramento's history: stories of the old west, the struggle of Chinese railroad workers, and the study of prisoners of Japanese internment camps. In addition, the workshops feature a wonderful blend of topics for oral, print, and video specialists, ranging from marketing and pricing to editing and producing. Another special event this year, Pearls of Wisdom, Wonders & Blunders, is sure to be a favorite. We're so excited at achieving the grand age of 20 that we've invited former members and Friends of APH to join us during the conference at member rates!

As requested, we've designed more free time into the program to allow self-exploration of the city. The downtown hotel is within walking distance of Old Sacramento, an outdoor mall, and the capitol, and a short ride from Midtown, the urban center of Sacramento's art, music, and cultural scene with boutiques, clubs, studios, and a multitude of dining options.

I'm excited to invite you to Sacramento to celebrate the past, live in the present, and focus on the future while you cultivate new relationships and make plans to thrive in your business, all while moving APH into its next chapter. I look forward to seeing you in October.

Liz Abess, 2015 APH Conference Program Chair

Message from the President

Sarah White photo
Sarah White, APH President

As you read this, APH is celebrating our twentieth anniversary year. We are living up to the call to "cultivate and thrive."

The work we do is satisfying and meaningful. But to thrive, we must cultivate ourselves constantly. It takes diverse skills to blend storytelling, technical production, cultural history, and family dynamics-all while starting, running, and promoting independent businesses.

In the 2014 member survey, you told us you want APH to help you develop personal history skills and business skills, and you want APH to promote the personal history industry to the public. Our conference planning team has carefully designed a curriculum that offers diverse learning opportunities for every experience level.

What you will discover is that our conference keynotes, workshops, and salon sessions offer opportunities to develop both your personal history and business skills. And you will learn from others as well, with networking in the halls, at meals, and while exploring the community. With every public event we hold, we raise awareness of our industry. This year's film and presentation about Chinese immigrant laborers who built the railroads across the American West, with storyteller and Chinese Historical Society Artist-in-Residence Charlie Chin, is sure to draw a crowd. And with the special reunion and workshops planned for our longstanding members, we demonstrate our members' capacity to-you guessed it-cultivate and thrive!

Sarah White, APH President 2012-2015