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   Sacramento skyline at dusk.   Photo: Courtesy of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau

APH 20th Anniversary Conference
Cultivate & Thrive

Sacramento, California  ♦  October 21–25, 2015 (Wednesday-Sunday)

As personal historians, we bring stories to life. Although our formats vary from books to videos and other media, we always strive to capture the essence of our clients and honor their history in a product they will treasure. Whether novice or expert, each of us has unique experiences to share as well as a capacity to learn from the life experiences of others. The annual APH conference is an ideal venue for all personal historians to cultivate relationships and to be empowered to thrive in business.

Thanks for joining us in Sacramento for Cultivate & Thrive, a special conference celebrating our organization's 20th anniversary, where we shared knowledge and enjoyed the benefits of captivating keynote sessions, workshops, and other events that will inspire you for the year ahead.

The capital of California, Sacramento (ninety minutes each direction to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe) is surrounded by world-class wine regions, is known as the City of Trees, and was recently named the Farm–To–Fork Capital of America. The region features an abundance of local farmland and a vibrant culinary scene where high-quality chefs and restaurants prepare regionally-grown products featuring Farm–To–Fork freshness. We were able to celebrate the abundance of the region as we made new friends, learned new skills, and positioned ourselves for abundance in our businesses.

It was exciting to welcome you to Sacramento, where your presence was an asset to a conference carefully planned to be enlightening, educational, and enjoyable.

Liz Salamy Abess, Conference Program Chair

We had a terrific time!

Just a few of the comments we received
"I am a new member this year, so this was my first experience of an APH conference. This was a wonderful event. Having an extra day for pre-con workshops is a great way to get in-depth training and additional value from making the trip. As a newbie, I found the sessions were relevant and provided practical training an an opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. However, the greatest value for me came from the opportunity to meet other members, learn from their experiences and to put faces to the names that we see on Listserv. I would strongly encourage all members to put next year's conference on their calendar. . ."
Glitches = 0 Value = ★★★★★  — Mike Lovell
"... worth every penny! I really appreciate all the thought, effort, and expertise that went into making this a superb conference."  — Deborah Graham
"I've seen, heard, and learned so much already – and yet there is another day and a half to go. I'm looking forward to what comes next."  — Bill Horne
"On my return journey back to Adelaide, South Australia, .... my mind will be jumping, full of rich and vivid memories, as I recall various highlights, meals shared, and spirited discussions debated, and think longingly of those special people within APH that I now count as friends, both old and newly acquired."  — Annie Payne
"Still inspired by the hours spent with so many dear colleagues and friends."
 — Elizabeth Pozzi-Thanner
"Big ah ha moments? Too many to count- new friendships initiated, older friendships confirmed. Names and faces connected. Still need to go through all my notes-work for the coming month."  — Marjorie Turner-Hollman

APH Conference 2015 Speakers

Andy Anderson, Ph.D. - Wells Fargo Exec VP and Chief Historian
Satsuki Ina, Ph.D. - Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker
Chris Enss - New York Times Bestselling Author, Scriptwriter, and Comedienne