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Advertisers, Vendors, & Sponsors (2015)

APH 20th Anniversary Conference · Cultivate & Thrive

Special Invitation to Sponsors and Advertisers

Do you have products or services that might be of interest to members of the Association of Personal Historians? Our goal is to provide value for both you and our members, creating lasting partnerships that benefit all. We will work with you to find the advertising and/or sponsorship package that meets your needs and provides the best opportunity for you and our members to become better acquainted.

We especially invite you to participate in our 20th anniversary conference, Cultivate and Thrive. Approximately 200 savvy entrepreneurs from around the globe are expected to attend. This is a fine opportunity to establish personal relationships with this focused target market. You can choose to participate in the vendor expo, place your material in the registration bags or on the luncheon tables, or sponsor parts of the conference for additional exposure.

What Are the Options and Benefits of Sponsorship?

APH members build and maintain their own businesses, network in their communities, and continually seek to improve the quality of their work. They are interested in partnering with high-quality services and obtaining high-quality tools to improve the products they offer to their clients. They seek relationships with vendors who can be trusted to deliver these high-quality products and services. Because personal historians reach a large pool of clients and potential clients, an advertiser's or sponsor's product will be visible to a wide and targeted audience.

APH members are passionate about what they do, feeling a strong sense of urgency to capture stories before the people who can tell them are gone. As an advertiser or sponsor, you will find this group of people to be excellent partners for your business.

How To Participate In the Conference

You can download the sponsorship and vendor packet (pdf). Any of the options listed in that packet can be adjusted or combined. You may have ideas of your own for supporting our conference and our work. In-kind donations are gratefully accepted and will be classified at the appropriate sponsorship level. If you are not able to attend our conference in person, please ask for details on how you can still take advantage of this opportunity.

You can place ads in any of APH publications throughout the year. Review the advertising opportunities.

NOTE: APH is a 501(c)(6) organization. Sponsorships are not deductible as charitable contributions but may be considered a business expense.

For information on these options and others, please contact:
Linda Coffin, Executive Director.