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APH 2014 Annual Conference:  Believe It . . . Achieve It!

Peggy Greenwood photo

Recognized worldwide as an aesthetically beautiful architectural wonder, the Gateway Arch stands in tribute to the courageous spirit of both our forebears and our contemporary pioneers. The open stance of this elegant monument speaks also to the welcoming spirit of the City of St. Louis. In that same spirit, I am eager to welcome each of you, pioneers in personal history, to the 2014 annual conference of the Life Story People.

Living up to the challenge of our theme, Believe It . . . Achieve It!, the conference committee has pulled together an outstanding program filled with educational, inspirational, and motivational programs. Keynote speakers have been selected for their unique qualifications to support the work of personal historians. A variety of pre-conference seminars and workshops will be presented by audio, video, print, and niche experts chosen by the APH all-volunteer program ranking committee.

Known for the warmth and openness of its members, APH hosts an annual conference where attendees experience the optimum opportunity to build or expand their professional network. This is an invaluable bonus to the intense schedule of professional development presented at the conference.

Unwilling to have you leave this beautiful city without a taste of its culture and history, I invite you to join the Saturday afternoon excursion to the Missouri History Museum. The sculpted birthday cake on the walkway leading into the museum sets the mood for the festive commemoration awaiting you inside. Following the museum experience, enjoy a tour of the city's rich and diverse heritage while relaxing in the comfort of the chartered motorcoaches. Back at the hotel, we will celebrate our last evening together with dinner.

Come to the conference. Greet old friends; meet new friends. Dare to Believe It . . . Achieve It! in St. Louis.

Peggy Greenwood, 2014 APH Conference Program Chair

Message from the President

Sarah White photo
Sarah White – 2013 Conference
Photo Credit: JJ Idarius

Believe It—APH conferences are unlike any other professional association's annual conference. The generosity of our attendees, presenters, and organizers is something you have to experience to believe.

This is my twelfth year as an APH member, third year as APH's president, and the tenth conference I've attended. What began for me as an annual immersion in skills development has become an annual reunion with my APH friends and an opportunity to further APH's strategic goals. Believe it—your conference experience will expand your business skills, your support network, and your ability to take advantage of the value APH offers its members.

Achieve It—Every conference I've attended has confirmed that personal history is exciting work, but it requires constant learning. To achieve success as personal historians, we each must find a business model that works for us, and then develop the specific skills to produce quality products in our chosen media, on top of the skills we need to start, run, and promote independent businesses.

The conference planning team carefully designs the curriculum to provide what personal historians need to achieve their professional goals. You will use what you learn every day, so factor your cost of attending over 365 days. This investment in your business will cost less than a trendy microbrew, and it will energize you more than the strongest Starbucks.

Sarah White, APH President