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Pre-Conference Seminars (2014)

APH 2014 Annual Conference:  Believe It . . . Achieve It!

Hilton St. Louis Frontenac · Wednesday, October 22, 2014 ·  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Attract Your Ideal Clients: Develop a Consistent Marketing Message    (Session #1)

Category: Marketing   Level: General

Image of Sam Uhl

When your business has a consistent and confident marketing message, attracting your ideal clients becomes easy. Whether you are launching a new personal history business or refining your existing business, this seminar will show you what you need to simplify your written and oral communication so that you work primarily with those people who really jazz you!

In this dynamic, interactive seminar, you will write, share, and encourage one another as you develop a message that clearly articulates your business focus. You will learn how to:

A workbook packed with helpful tips and worksheets will help you start working toward your goal right in the seminar. Armed with a marketing message that represents you authentically, you'll quickly build awareness among your ideal clients and excite them to purchase your services.

Sam Uhl is owner of The Cheerful Word, a thriving personal history business in Hendersonville, North Carolina. A certified Guided Autobiography Instructor with the Birren Institute, Sam has more than ten years experience creating curricula and teaching adults, and she has made dozens of presentations to networking groups.    »


Solopreneur Strategies for Success : Establishing Yourself as a Business   (Session #2)

Category: Business Practices & Skills   Level: Basic

Image of Dianna Graveman

You're ready to launch your start-up. Or maybe you've already recruited your first clients and started to build a portfolio. How do you take your business to the next level? Should you formalize your company? Become a corporation? Be a sole proprietor? What's the difference, and what are the pros and cons?

In this session, we'll discuss having a practical business plan, what to consider when setting prices, how to build on experiences, and how freelancing in related fields can not only supplement your income but also build your personal history business. Topics to be discussed include:

Dianna Graveman is a former teacher, editor, college instructor, and corporate training designer. She has coauthored four regional histories and written more than 160 articles for companies and publications, including Writer's Digest. She teaches workshops for the University of Missouri-St. Louis and has presented programs for libraries, writing conferences, historical societies, and business groups. Her companies are 2 Rivers Communications & Design, LLC, and Treehouse Author Services, LLC.    »


Strategies of Video Storytelling: Shape Your Ideas into a Story that Works   (Session #3)

Category: Innovative Video Production   Level: General (Prerequisite basic knowledge of video)

Are you already working in documentary and/or biography film? Do you need to find ways to breathe new life into your projects? Learn from a master documentary storyteller who has worked for years with the award-winning team of Kartemquin Films.

This in-depth seminar will provide an overview of storytelling approaches that lead to compelling nonfiction work. Using real world examples, you will learn about the many styles used in documentary film. Sharing tips, technique, and insight, presenter Gita Kiely will cover:

image of Gita Kiely Gita Saedi Kiely is an award-winning documentary producer, director, and editor. She was the series producer and story editor for Kartemquin Films' nationally acclaimed PBS series, The New Americans—a seven-hour series following five immigrant families' journey to and first years in the United States. She has served on production teams for Channel 4 in the UK, RTE in Ireland, and Miramax, CBS, and PBS in the U.S. Her credits include line-producing Reel Paradise, a feature documentary about indie film guru John Pierson and his family's adventure in Fiji; producing/directing Montana Mosaic, an NEH-funded, twelve-part DVD series for Montana Public Schools; and Jailed For Their Words, a documentary on free speech and the Montana Sedition Act of 1918. An adjunct professor at the University of Montana School of Journalism, Gita has also served on the board of and as festival director for the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. She is currently line-producing Kartemquin Film's Generation Food project and working on her independent feature, Mossadegh, Iran & Me.    » West of Kin Productions

A West of Kin Presentation – don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about the best in video pre-production planning techniques from this renowned instructor.

Registration Starts on July 1

Enrollment is limited for each of the pre-conference seminars so be sure to register early. Fees shown are in addition to full-time conference registration fees. An additional $100 is added to the fee if you do not attend the conference (as reflected in the chart below). A $50 fee will be applied if a registrant cancels.

Registration Note for Sessions #1 and #2: No more than thirty students and no fewer than ten will be accepted. APH reserves the right to cancel these pre-conference seminar sessions, in which case APH will provide full refunds.

Registration Note for Session #3: No more than forty students and no fewer than twenty will be accepted. We expect the class to fill quickly and rates will rise August 1. APH reserves the right to cancel this session, in which case a full refund will be provided. Cancellations received after July 31 will be subject to review to ensure class size does not fall below minimum.

Pre-Conference Seminar Registration Dates & Fees

Registration Period Session Fee for Conference Registrant Fee for Seminar Registration Only
    Member Nonmember Member Nonmember
July 1 - 31
#1-Attract Your Ideal Clients $160 $210 $260 $310
#2-Solopreneur Strategies for Success $160 $210 $260 $310
#3-Strategies of Video Storytelling $225 $275 $325 $375
Aug 1 - Sept 30
#1-Attract Your Ideal Clients $185 $235 $285 $335
#2-Solopreneur Strategies for Success $185 $235 $285 $335
#3-Strategies of Video Storytelling $250 $300 $350 $400
Oct 1 - Oct 15
#1-Attract Your Ideal Clients $210 $260 $310 $360
#2-Solopreneur Strategies for Success $210 $260 $310 $360
#3-Strategies of Video Storytelling $275 $325 $375 $425
After Oct 15
#1-Attract Your Ideal Clients $235 $285 $335 $385
#2-Solopreneur Strategies for Success $235 $285 $335 $385
#3-Strategies of Video Storytelling $300 $350 $400 $450