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APH 2012 Annual Conference—Turning Points

October 17-21, 2012

Prepare for Turning Points in St. Louis, Archetype of Friendly Cities

May Harrison photo

Please join us in St. Louis in October and prepare yourself for turning points that will increase your skills and grow your business. Through our keynote speakers, you'll learn the value of combining genealogy and personal history, hear about legacy gifts provided by a unique hospice program, and discover strategies you can use immediately to increase your productivity. You'll be inspired by a project that transformed young students into community historians.

Through our seminars and wide array of workshops, you can choose to learn new skills for print, audio, or video projects; gain confidence in social media or website development; successfully kickstart your business; market your services and products; and much more.

You'll make new friends at the conference and share your ideas and products in cozy areas throughout the Hilton Frontenac Hotel. You'll also feel welcomed and comfortable as you explore St. Louis, where people will smile at you on the streets, wait several seconds to honk after green lights, and give you directions if you get lost. So check out the conference schedule, decide which of the many local attractions you want to visit, and firm up plans for a trip that will enrich your business and your life!

Mary Harrison, APH Conference Program Chair

Message from the President

Sarah White photo

This year marks my tenth as an APH member and the tenth anniversary of my first APH conference (Vancouver 2002). That conference changed my life and my work.

I frequently use what I learned in Stephanie Kadel-Taras' interviewing workshop—the one that convinced me I had what it takes to be a personal historian and that I had a lot to learn. I've never forgotten the Video Share event, a validation that the work of personal historians, whatever the project budget, moves the human heart.

Every conference I've attended since has confirmed what I learned in Vancouver. This is exciting work, but it requires constant learning. We blend storytelling, technical production, social history, and family dynamics. Plus we start, run, and promote independent businesses. So much to know! So many skills to master! Thank goodness our planning team carefully designs the curriculum for our conferences to offer learning opportunities in every area, at every experience level.

What you discover in our conference keynotes, workshops, and salon sessions—as well as in the halls, at meals, and on outings—will make your business stronger. You'll use what you learn every day. Factor your attendance cost over 365 days, and you'll find that the tax-deductible training expense—the wisest investment you can make in your business will come to less than a fancy coffee drink each morning. And it definitely will energize you more than the strongest Starbucks.

Sarah White, APH President