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Volunteer Activities

APH 2012 Annual Conference—Turning Points

Conference Volunteers Needed

Photo of volunteers at the 2011 conference Volunteers getting rejuvenated
Laura Blumenthal & Marcia Orland (2011)

Special Thanks to Conference Heroes Present and Future!

Conference Program Chair Mary Harrison, Events Manager Paula Yost, and Conference Director Marianne Waller would like to thank the folks who have helped so far with the planning of this event: Dhyan Atkinson, Laura Blumenthal, John Bennett, Brina Bolanz, Jennifer Campbell, Linda Coffin, Peggy Greenwood, Karla Haworth, Loretta Heindrichs, Gillian Hewitt, Janet Holt, Rhonda Kalkwarf, Francie King, Wendy Ledger, cj Madigan, Joy Miller, Gloria Nussbaum, Carolyn Parrott, Rachael Rifkin, Beth Sanders, Philip Sherwood, Paula Stahel, Paulette Stevens, Barbara Tabach, Julie Zander, and any other wonderful folks whose names have slipped our minds (you know who you are). We're delighted to know the list will grow.

What We Need

APH could not pull off such a huge event without the help of its skilled volunteers. There's no better way to get in on all the action than to sign up as a volunteer when you register. Specific details will be communicated prior to the conference. Please consider volunteering.

Registration Support

Joy Miller again will oversee on-site registration. She needs volunteers on Wednesday morning to assemble registration materials in kits. During registration hours Wednesday afternoon/evening and early Thursday morning, we'll again need help. Shift scheduling ensures that volunteers will have time to attend the Orientation Session and Welcome Reception. Throughout the rest of the conference (especially at break or meal times), Joy also will need willing volunteers in the store. Please note your interest in volunteering on the registration form; contact Joy Miller for information about the various registration and store activities.

Photo of volunteer party Just a few of the APH Volunteers getting together (2011)


Meeting and greeting new APH members and first-time APH conference attendees at the Wednesday Evening Welcome Reception is a satisfying way of ensuring that newcomers are warmly included in the APH family. Greeters enjoy mixing, mingling, and getting to know other APH'ers. Please sign up when registering or contact Joy Miller.

Workshop Hosts

Workshop hosts will introduce presenters and help ensure that sessions run smoothly. Volunteer, and you will be assigned to one of the workshops you plan to attend. Sign up when registering or contact Wendy Ledger.

Workshop Recording Support

Under the guidance of Vikky Dauciunas, president of Vikkyd Productions, Inc., experienced volunteers are needed to ensure optimal recording of workshops. Sign up when registering or contact Vikky Dauciunas.

Speed Coaching Support

Would you like to be a coach at our very popular Speed Coaching event, or simply volunteer as a host to help the facilitators, Laura Blumenthal and Rhonda Kalkwarf? Sign up when registering or contact Laura Blumenthal. Read more about our Community Circle.

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