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Sponsorship Opportunities

APH 2012 Annual Conference—Turning Points

The Association of Personal Historians (APH) is pleased to invite interested commercial businesses and members to participate in its 18th annual conference in support of the preservation of personal, family, corporate and community histories. The conference will be held October 17-21, 2012, at the Hilton Frontenac Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. Approximately 200 attendees are expected.

What are the options and benefits of sponsorship?

Specific sponsorship options are offered for APH members and business colleagues. In addition to receiving tangible benefits for various levels of sponsorship, our sponsors will also enjoy many intangible rewards.

These "soft benefits" include, but are not limited to: invaluable conversation time and relationship-building with our attendees; increased familiarity with other complementary services and products used by personal historians; and the priceless word-of-mouth referrals that our members offer to sponsors post-conference. Sponsors will be acknowledged in the conference syllabus and in the winter issue of APH Perspectives, our industry trade journal, which is distributed to more than 700 members.

We have designed a variety of sponsorship opportunities to suit a range of budgetary requirements. Options start at $100 for an insert in the registration packet and go all the way to underwriting the cost of a meal or providing a display table at the conference store. Each opportunity places the sponsor's name in front of the attendees, and includes other benefits such as public acknowledgement and/or advertising.

Detailed information on these opportunities can be found in the Sponsorship Chart (  pdf 109 KB) and in a Special Invitation (  pdf 51 KB), a comprehensive narrative description. Please read through these documents and then contact us directly to talk about them.

Contact Linda Coffin, Executive Director or Marcy Davis, Marketing Director for more details.