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St. Louis skyline reflection (Photographer David W. Preston)

APH 18th Annual Conference—St. Louis, Missouri
October 17-21, 2012 (Wednesday-Sunday)

Turning Points

As personal historians, we probe the turning points in the lives of our clients, reflect upon the turning points in our own lives, and prepare for turning points that will grow our businesses. The 2012 APH conference, Turning Points, will offer beginners as well as experienced personal historians creative ideas and skill-building workshops to improve their products, preserve their own life stories, and grow their businesses through new approaches and services.

Mary Harrison, Conference Program Chair
We're pleased this year to welcome an exciting lineup of speakers...

Bringing Light & Life to Dred and Harriet Scott's Personal History

Ruth Ann Hager—Genealogist & author of Dred and Harriet Scott: Their Family Story
Lynne Jackson—The Scotts' great-great-granddaughter and founder/president of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

Opportunities for Reflection
Suzanne Doyle—Founder of LUMINA Life Review and Legacy, a unique hospice program featured by NPR

Making Your Best Better: Improving Productivity One Day at a Time
Jason Womack—Productivity expert and author of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More

Experiences that Shaped Us
Haliday Douglas—An award-winning teacher who inspired sixth-graders to interview St. Louis leaders in the Civil Rights Movement and produce a powerful documentary that preserves the elders' stories

APH Conference 2012 Speakers

Ruth Ann Hager-Genealogist/Author
Lynne Jackson-Scotts' GG Granddaughter
Suzanne Doyle-Founder of LUMINA
Jason Womack-Productivity Expert
Haliday Douglas-Teacher/Award Winner


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The four photos shown above and to the left are the courtesy of St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission