Where Will All the Stories Go? Part 2

Recently at a networking meeting, a woman mentioned that an album created for a deceased loved one was put into the casket—for safe keeping. That was a new one for me.    Before printing, before virtual communication, stories were kept alive orally. Across cultures, storytellers...

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Where Will All the Stories Go?

When I was considering this post, I recalled an article with the same title that I had clipped many years ago. The article, from the March 2015 issue of Parabola, was a conversation between writer P.L. Travers (author of Mary Poppins) and Laurens van der Post, who, from the 1940s through...

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Preserving Old Black Paper Photo Albums

As a Certified Archives Manager, I get a lot of questions about the best way to preserve old family items. Recently, Steven from Florida posted a question on my blog about what to do with an old family photo album, one of those black paper photo albums that probably we all have in our...

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Did Harry Burton Capture the Oldest Life Story on Record?

A man you’ve most likely never heard of helped capture a story of one of the world’s most famous men and helped another man win world-wide acclaim.  Archaeologist Howard Carter made headline news around the world when he uncovered the legendary tomb of King Tutankhamun...

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What Is Your Family Origin Story?

“Where did you grow up?” That’s a common question in New England, where I live. The expectation, at least in my town, is that you likely grew up here, or in a nearby town. I’ve grown to anticipate the surprise on the person’s face when I explain that I grew up over a...

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