Life Story People Podcast Episode 15
APH starts 2017 with a new president: Stephanie Kadel Taras. Stephanie is a long time personal historian and APH member. She has more than twenty years of experience as a professional interviewer and writer.Stephanie Kadel Taras Stephanie’s specialty: Complex narrative histories for large families, family businesses, colleges, corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations. She’s a popular public speaker and presents talks on the value of history and its impact on family dynamics, corporate culture, and sense of self. Stephanie recorded a brief chat with Life Story People Podcast host Steve Pender during the 2016 APH conference in Fort Worth, Texas. During this chat, you’ll learn a little about our new president and her vision for the future of the Association of Personal Historians.

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Steve Pender

Steve Pender’s career began in 1978. He honed his skills as a scriptwriter, video editor, and producer/director while working in corporate video. He developed a passion for personal history in 1998 while completing a family documentary featuring his paternal grandmother. Steve eventually channeled that passion into a business, starting Family Legacy Video in 2003 after moving with his wife, Halina, from New Jersey to Tucson, Arizona. His video biographies have garnered numerous awards, and he continues to specialize in high-quality custom personal legacy videos for individuals, families and businesses.
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