Questions I Wish I Could Ask My Great Grandparents

My great grandfather, Captain William John Spells, Master Mariner, was born in 1858 at Port Adelaide, a mere twenty years after South Australia was founded. Like his father before him, with saltwater in his veins, Will worked as a cabin boy for his father, Captain... read more

Connecting Generations Through Football

Do you ever think about what you would include in your life story? If you were to share your story with someone in only a couple of hours, what would you include? Would you include your likes and dislikes? Your travel adventures? Your hobbies? Stories about starting a... read more

Am I More Than My Stuff?

An article by writer and journalist Lee Randall has been going around with my friends on Facebook. In “For the Love of Stuff,” Randall makes an argument for keeping all the things that make us who we are. But recently, my husband and I started... read more

How Much Time Do You Have, Mom?

Mom was breathing really hard, but she was still alive. She had waited for us. How much time do you have, Mom? Mom had not been conscious for four or more days. She had eaten little the week before and stopped taking fluids. But she was resilient, just like her Mom... read more

I Forgot I Remembered That!

Memory is a sly creature. It creeps up on you. You think you have it by the tail, but you turn your focus for a split second and the little bugger has gotten away! “Oh! I just had it!” We say, but it is gone again. Memory is one of the most common... read more

Finding New Homes for Old Collectibles

On dusty, hot days in the early 1970s in Banning, California, where I spent my teenage years, I often would walk about 40 minutes to a Circle K to spend my babysitting money on sunflower seeds and a 7UP. I liked the taste, but mainly I wanted the... read more

Why Do We Want to Tell Our Story?

It has long been said that our greatest desire, greater even than the desire for happiness, is the hope that, in the end, our lives mean something. Isn’t that what we do, at least at some very personal level, as we live out each day? Many throughout... read more

Childless Matters

Quite simply, childless lives matter. And they should matter to personal historians and biographers. Okay, so not every woman who either chooses not to have children, or didn’t or couldn’t, is an “Oprah” with a sweeping saga that could fill a... read more
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