APH Conference 2016: Thought About Audio?

This morning I led a workshop at the APH annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas, “Add Audio to Your Repertoire.” Audio is the little guy in the personal history world, so it was great to see a full room. A few veterans were there and a lot of first time... read more

APH Conference 2016: My Print Journey

Over the years I have for the large part focused on video projects, but recently I became involved in a large print project encompassing many stories, each with its own sub-plot and cast of characters. There are many facts to keep track of, including hundreds of... read more

APH Conference 2016: Kicking Up the Value

Tears and laughter traced new paths and old, escaping from the groups of three. Heads tilted with the effort of intentional listening. Eyes rested on faces, watched for nuance, sought the moment of revelation. Voices broke softly or brayed in bravado mode as they... read more

APH Conference 2016: Video Share Preview

Don’t miss the 2016 VideoShare Roundup at this year’s APH Convention! Mosey on down to the Ft. Worth Sheraton Monday evening from 8-10. I have put together an hour of clips from nine of the best personal history films APH members have created in the... read more
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