Online Personal History Grows When It Gets Personal

The popularity of TV programs like Finding Your Roots, Who Do You Think You Are? and Genealogy Roadshow proves there is broad interest in family history. Is it time for technology to play a starring role? It seems like an idea whose time has come: the Cloud-based... read more

Don’t Let Your Children Grow up to be JPEGS

I was recently interviewed for the podcast “On the Log,” which “looks at the future through the rear view mirror,” in the words of its founder and producer John Meadows. Subjects covered on “On the Log” range from art and culture to... read more

The Importance of Personal History AWARENESS Month

May is Personal History Awareness Month. Read that carefully: it’s not just Personal History Month, it’s Personal History Awareness Month. Why is that important? Because we want to ensure that everyone knows what we do and what we mean when we say we are... read more

Go Small . . . in a Big Way

In a writing workshop at Pinney Library this summer, we spent one evening talking about “going small.” I set my writers an in-class challenge: seven minutes to write about something, starting with an object as the focal point. “Give us the... read more
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