Things That Matter: The Secret of the Silver Cup

The ornate silver cup had been handed down to my husband at his birth, inscribed with his name and birthdate. When our son was born, we added his name and date of birth. But the baby cup had a previous owner. The original inscription had always puzzled us: etched... read more

APH Conference: Friday night video share

Every year, APH conference attendees pack the Friday night video share to see the current crop of offerings. This year did not disappoint, as facilitator April Bell of Tree of Life Legacies showed 10 clips covering a wide range of themes and techniques. Families... read more

Exploring Baby Bigfoot: Simple Video, Powerful Story

As personal historians, we bring skill sets from a variety of backgrounds to our work, but we all share a desire to apply those skills in a way that will have lasting meaning for the families we work with/for. As we strive to do this for others, it’s instructive... read more
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