Questions I Wish I Could Ask My Great Grandparents

My great grandfather, Captain William John Spells, Master Mariner, was born in 1858 at Port Adelaide, a mere twenty years after South Australia was founded. Like his father before him, with saltwater in his veins, Will worked as a cabin boy for his father, Captain... read more

Tell Me a Story, Grandma

“Another story, please,” is the constant request from my grandson Toby when he spends “quiet time” during his regular Wednesday at our home. He pushes his books to one side of the bed and pats it for me to sit beside him. “Sit... read more

Is Your ‘Grab & Go’ File Updated and Ready?

Editor’s note: This rerun of a post by Annie Payne (from November, 2012) is a reminder that wildfires, floods, and other disasters—natural or otherwise—can occur any time. Now is a good time to put together your “Grab & Go” file.... read more

Include Family Mementos in Your Disaster Prep Plan

From my home in Australia, I watched as Superstorm Sandy roared into the coastline of New York and New Jersey. And because I have friends and colleagues from the Association of Personal Historians who live in that area, I waited anxiously until I heard that they were... read more

Flying Around the World for the APH Conference

“I’m leaving on a jet plane…” John Denver’s poignant song has been whirling around in my head over the past few days as the BIG item on my annual “to do” list has been ticked—I can attend the annual APH conference this... read more
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