This week we have an eclectic group of blog postings by members of the Association of Personal Historians. From memories of your favorite comfort food and the story of your name, to managing your photos, a look at the upcoming APH Symposium, and the tale of a very dedicated photographer, there is something for everyone.

Karen Bender of Leaves of Your Life asks us to consider our favorite foods when telling our tales in Food Glorious Food.

“Chicken Soup. It’s the best treatment for the common cold, according to some researchers. The vegetables, the chicken, the heated water—it’s therapeutic.” (continued)

Dawn Roode of Modern Heirloom Books shares unique Mother’s Day gift ideas in Special Ideas for Special Moms: More Unique Mother’s Day Book Ideas.

“Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for expecting moms, moms of multiples, and adoptive mothers-books that celebrate mothers with words and pictures, story and style.” (continued)

Sarah White of True Stories Well Told writes a personal story about an unforgettable trip in Army Girl and the Mardi Gras Indians: St. Joseph’s Day, 2006.

“It is Sunday, March 19th, 2006. Yesterday was the Pontilly Vision Retreat, facilitated by Bert Stitt. We woke up this morning in a sweet French Quarter hotel. About midday Bert and Linda return from breakfast.” (continued)

Nancy Shohet West, journalist, essayist, and memoir writer reminds us to save the story of our name in The Names We Use.

“The stories behind our own names — who named us, why, what we think of our names — has long been my standard starting point for memoir writing. But recently I started thinking about a different question: What do we hear people call each other, and what does that mean to us?” (continued)

Steve Pender of Family Legacy Video posts information about we can expect at the symposium in Connect-Learn-Prosper at The Life Story Symposium in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“This year, however, there will be no conference! In its place, will be something even better: A rebranded and reimagined event called The Life Story Symposium, set for September 24–27 in St. Paul, Minnesota.” (continued)

Fran Morley, APH Content Editor, shares a fascinating story in Did Harry Burton Capture the Oldest Life Story on Record?

“A man you’ve most likely never heard of helped capture a story of one of the world’s most famous men and helped another man win world-wide acclaim.” (continued)

Dawn Roode of Modern Heirloom Books guides us in saving our photos in Photo Hoarder Reform School: A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Your Digital Photos.

“While our family pictures tell stories, your photo library is like your personal museum: You must be its curator.” (continued)

Samantha Shubert, editor and co-founder of Remarkable Life Memoirs, considers how society’s attitudes about war can encourage veterans to talk about their experiences-or just the opposite in War Stories.

“My new client poked at the blurry photocopy with one elegant fingertip. “Look at that!” she said. Another poke. “I had no idea!” (continued)


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Shannon Stallone

Shannon Stallonejoined the Association of Personal Historians in 2014 and began her business as a Personal Biographer providing services to the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent more than twenty years in the social services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly. This work not only enhanced her listening skills but bolstered her belief that everyone truly does have a story to tell.
e2832f7eb2ec74c92bd0dd940279f0cc?s=80&d=mm&r=g - APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Stories of Veterans, Comfort Food, Hoarders, and Your Name

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