This week’s collection of blog postings from members of the Association of Personal Historians includes writings on traditions, caregivers, travel and information on the role of a personal historian.

Lisa Kagan of Family Heirloom Arts explores the ways culture and tradition have evolved and changed throughout many generations in Stories of Culture and Tradition.

“With Passover and Easter just around the corner, along with the multitude of other spring celebrations that people participate in during this time of year, we have the opportunity to share family stories at holiday gatherings and reconnect with the roots of our family’s traditions and how they have evolved and changed over time.” (continued)

Ruthanne Uhl, Personal Historian, discusses the role of a personal historian in What Does a Personal Historian Do?

“Personal historians help you preserve your wisdom and experiences for the day that you know is coming, when your children and grandchildren grow older and sense a longing to connect deeply with you and to know themselves better as a result.” (continued)

Sarah White of True Stories Well Told posts a guest travel writer in When the Cash Goes Marching In.

“I must admit, I already miss the spontaneous performance of music, the embraces of kind strangers, and the wide smile I carried upon my own face from the time I arrived in The Big Easy to the moment I left.” (continued)

Mary Patricia Voell of Legacies: Family & Organizational Historians writes for the APH blog in Where Will All the Stories Go? Part 2.

“Recently at a networking meeting, a woman mentioned that an album created for a deceased loved one was put into the casket—for safe keeping. That was a new one for me.” (continued)

Nancy Shohet West, journalist, essayist, and memoir writer shares a heartwarming story of a caregiver in A Caregiver’s Legacy.

“For two years, Susan’s weekly essays have provided encouragement, inspiration and spiritual sustenance for the members of her Alzheimer’s caregivers support group. When Susan faced a rigorous round of cancer treatments, her friends approached me about turning her weekly emails into a lasting legacy.” (continued)


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Shannon Stallone

Shannon Stallonejoined the Association of Personal Historians in 2014 and began her business as a Personal Biographer providing services to the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent more than twenty years in the social services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly. This work not only enhanced her listening skills but bolstered her belief that everyone truly does have a story to tell.
e2832f7eb2ec74c92bd0dd940279f0cc?s=80&d=mm&r=g - APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Traditions, Storytelling, and Caregivers

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