This week’s collection of blog postings from members of the Association of Personal Historians is sure to warm your heart and your belly.

Marjorie Turner Hollman, personal/family historian and APH Communications Director, was looking for an ice-free walk on a late winter’s day. In avoiding the ice, she was propelled unexpectedly into memories of long ago, to a place far away in A Trip in Time-Visiting Wellesley College’s Botanic Gardens.

“The trails hereabouts were all clear as we approached spring, until we were hit with a late season blizzard, and so it’s back to icy trails and the challenge to find safe places to walk. When my hiking buddy Jennifer suggested visiting Wellesley College’s Botanic Gardens, my first thought was, “Yeah, no ice!” I did not, however, expect to be transported back to the years of my childhood.” (continued)

Sarah White of True Stories Well Told host guest blogger Melodee Leven Currier in My Runyonesque Father.

“I wish I had listened when my father told me stories about his life. I had no idea the fascinating history behind his words.” (continued)

Melissa Barker, Certified Archives Records Manager, guest blogs for APH with sage advise in Preserving Old Black Paper Photo Albums.

“As a Certified Archives Manager, I get a lot of questions about the best way to preserve old family items. Recently, Steven from Florida posted a question on my blog about what to do with an old family photo album, one of those black paper photo albums that probably we all have in our genealogy records collections.” (continued)

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Shannon Stallone

Shannon Stallonejoined the Association of Personal Historians in 2014 and began her business as a Personal Biographer providing services to the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent more than twenty years in the social services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly. This work not only enhanced her listening skills but bolstered her belief that everyone truly does have a story to tell.
e2832f7eb2ec74c92bd0dd940279f0cc?s=80&d=mm&r=g - APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Comfort Food, Dads, and Saving Photo Albums

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