In today’s roundup of blog posts from Members of the Association of Personal Historians we’ve got a discussion about passions, an interview with authors Betsy and Mark Blondin about expats, questions for our ancestors, and thoughts on legacy planning.

Nancy Shohet West, journalist, essayist, and memoir writer, reminds us to remember our passions in People and Their Passions.

“It doesn’t matter whether the topic if football, cooking, automotive technology or the chemical properties of crystals. Get people talking about their passions, and their story writes itself.” (continued)

Steve Pender of Family Legacy Video asks us what leaving a legacy means in Legacy Video Lounge Podcast-LVL 17: Life Stories & Legacy Planning.

 “Some folks equate “legacy” with “inheritance,” thinking of it only in terms of the money and physical possessions they’ll leave to their loved ones. Others see passing along life stories and values as their true legacy.” (continued)

Annie Payne of History from the Heart gives us some compelling questions to considering asking in Questions I Wish I Could Ask My Great Grandparents.

“My great grandfather, Captain William John Spells, Master Mariner, was born in 1858 at Port Adelaide, a mere twenty years after South Australia was founded. Like his father before him, with saltwater in his veins, Will worked as a cabin boy for his father, Captain William Spells, who founded the Spells Shipping Company, running a small fleet of ketches around coastal South Australia.” (continued)

Sarah White of True Stories Well Told interviews authors of a new book on expats in At Home Abroad: Today’s Expats Tell Their Stories.

“Who are today’s “expats”? What motivates people to leave their homes, family, and friends to immerse themselves in unfamiliar places, learn foreign languages, and get to know new people?” (continued)


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Shannon Stallone

Shannon Stallonejoined the Association of Personal Historians in 2014 and began her business as a Personal Biographer providing services to the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent more than twenty years in the social services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly. This work not only enhanced her listening skills but bolstered her belief that everyone truly does have a story to tell.
e2832f7eb2ec74c92bd0dd940279f0cc?s=80&d=mm&r=g - APH Weekly Blog Roundup: Passions, Expats, Crucial Questions, and Legacy Planning

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