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APH Regions & Chapters

Image of Bruce Summers Bruce Summers
While APH members can attend the conferences, subscribe to the ListServ, and participate on the blog, it's through the Regions Program that they have the greatest opportunity to mingle with other personal historians who live in their general area. The program functions through the efforts of Regional and Chapter Chairs, who help facilitate activities (meetings and projects) that give members in their area opportunities to learn from each other, collaborate on business projects, and develop as personal historians. We're fortunate to have a strong group of leaders in the program, but we can always use more. Consider volunteering--as a coordinator, or a support person in your region. It's fun, and its a great way to meet people.


Questions? Comments? Want to get involved? Please contact:
Bruce Summers, Regions & Chapters Director

Just a few memorable moments of regional activities

Image of Great Lakes members in the news Great Lakes Region Chairs on the Saturday morning program on WLWT

Great Lakes Region Chairs Kristi Woodworth(right) and Jennifer Sauers (center) promoted their Personal History Expo on a Saturday morning program on WLWT, a Cincinnati NBC affiliate, with host Valerie Abati. The Expo was held in September 2011, and more than 200 people attended.


Image of Utah Chapter event Utah Chapter Workshop

The Utah Chapter presented free personal history workshops at local libraries in 2011 and 2012, then followed up with a community writing project. Utah residents were invited to submitted short life stories for an anthology titled One World Many Stories. Fifty-nine stories were submitted to the project. This photo was taken in February 2012 at an anthology book signing. The promotional event was held at Weller Bookworks in Trolley Square, Salt Lake City. Those seated at the table talked about the experience of writing their contribution to the anthology and signed copies of the book. They are (left to right) Holden Barlow, Glenda Griffin and Jim Silver.


Image of Update NY chapter at the Preserving the Past studio Upstate NY Chapter Workshop

Heila Martin-Person, Taylor Whitney, and Pat Pihl were among many members of the Upstate NY Chapter attending a chapter meeting at Taylor's Preserving the Past studio on September 21, 2011. Taylor and Eileen Kent are chapter coordinators of that group.


Image of Southern California regional meeting Southern California meeting.

Smiling SoCal members pose for a photo after a quarterly meeting. Attending (left to right) were: Alison Grosfield, Eric Tong, Gavin Downey, Laura Blumenthal, Bill Hak, Susan Kitchens, Lynne Choy, Libby Atwater, Marcia Orland, Cas Hyman, Cas' daughter, Rachael Rifkin, Marie Rowe, and Pamela Dreyfuss


Image of New York City Chapter monthly meeting New York City Chapter meeting (2012)

Annie Segan, Bob Breakstone, Cyndi Shattuck, and Martie Mcnabb relax together after a NY City Chapter meeting. Martie is the chapter coordinator.


Image of New York City Chapter monthly meeting Upstate New York Chapter field trip

Joe Struble, George Eastman House Photo Archivist, shows Heila Martin-Person and Eileen Kent a fine art print on an Upstate NY Chapter field trip in the fall of 2011


Image of Minnesota Personal History Event Minnesota Personal History "GotStories" Expo

Occasionally APH Conferences have showcased the projects of individual regions at a "Town Square." This photo, taken on November 10, 2007, features Minnesotan Sheila Bruce and the display table she and others created to showcase some of their personal history projects and memorabilia related to Minnesota--General Mills cereals, Scotch tape from 3M, wild rice, and so on. (This was the same year that Sue Hessel wore her Swiss cheese bra while representing Wisconsin!)