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Message From the Executive Director

Welcome to the official website of the Association of Personal Historians, the Life Story People. You have discovered an organization of enthusiastic, creative people who are committed to making sure that everyone has a chance to tell his or her story.

We work in video, audio, print, and the visual arts. We conduct interviews, transcribe diaries, coach do-it-yourself memoir writers, scan and touch up family photographs, provide background historical and genealogical research, handle printing and audio/video production, and many other tasks. We do what is necessary to get your story into a form that you can share with your family and friends. We can also work on a larger scale to help communities, organizations and businesses tell their stories.

I have been associated with APH since 2004, and I continue to be impressed with what a dynamic, caring group of people APH really is. Imagine our annual conference — a large room full of people who really want to hear "all about YOU!" Such an atmosphere of collegiality and open sharing is completely different from other trade organizations that I have known.

Explore our website. Check out the resources we offer to help you learn more about personal history. Find the personal historian who is a good match for your project. Sign up for a class or workshop offered by one of our members. Learn how to join the organization and do this kind of work yourself.

Telling, sharing, and saving life stories is one of the most important things we human beings can do. We look forward to working with you to tell your story.

header image Linda Coffin, APH Executive Director

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments and suggestions.
Linda Coffin, Executive Director