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APH Board Members

Image of APH President Bill Horne
Bill Horne has a working career that spans some five decades. After completing graduate studies in Political Science at the University of Windsor in 1965, he worked for Bell Canada. He retired from Bell at the Director level in 1995. He then started his freelance writing and editing business, Launceston Services. After completing two personal histories in 2003, Bill discovered and joined APH in 2004. Over the next few years he also worked as a manager with several not-for-profits, as well as spending over a year in Colombia. In 2006 he joined the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, chiefly as a Program Manager in Emergency Management and Business Continuity. He retired again in March 2014 and revitalized his writing, editing and personal history business. Bill believes his long and varied experience as a manager in many different types of organizations, large and small, as well as significant work in volunteer and not-for-profits, will help him lead APH and to work to achieve the goals set out in the APH strategic plan. Bill lives in Ottawa, Canada. 

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Image of APH Vice President Susan Terrill-Flint
Vice President
Susan Terrill-Flint is a multi-generational native of Colorado whose first ancestors came to the state from Canada via Chicago before Colorado achieved statehood. The paternal side of her family homesteaded in Colorado in the early 1900's. Her educational background includes a BA in literature and an MA in counseling. Her professional life has been spent in education (her teaching experience includes a university course in Indonesia) and human resources. She served eight years on her college’s Alumni Board of Directors, two of them as president. Her personal historian business is Legacy La Plata Memoirs. Susan resides in Bayfield, Colorado, with her husband, Bill. They have a blended “yours, mine, and ours” family with six children, 16 grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters. She comes from a family of memoir writers, newspaper editors, and storytellers. 

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Image of APH Treasurer Solomon Kahn
Solomon Kahn is the founder of Memoir Place, a site to help people write their memoirs. He was inspired to pursue the personal history business after receiving a memoir from his great-grandfather. Memoir Place makes it easy for people to record their own personal history, or help record the personal history of loved ones. Before Memoir Place, Solomon worked in leadership positions in financial start-ups, doing everything from business development and strategic planning to investment research. Solomon has passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams as well as the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) exams. Before entering the personal history business, he had his series 7, 63, and 65 licenses through FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). Solomon is a graduate of Columbia University. 

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Image of APH Secretary Deborah Wilbrink
Deborah Wilbrink has been a member of APH since 2011, when she started Perfect Memoirs to assist others in writing and publishing personal history books. Perfect Memoirs has completed over 20 commissioned projects, some private, some published, with others underway. Deborah is author of 2016’s Time to Tell: Your Personal & Family History how-to book with music, and The Fire of Commitment, a church congregational history. Deborah has served as media relations officer for Tennessee’s APH chapter since its founding in 2012, and gave a workshop at the APH 2014 conference on POD publishing. She has been a nationally certified English teacher, a freelance journalist (ABJ), a U. S. Senator’s aide, a video news editor and commercial producer and an administrative assistant to a director of 2,400 employee organization. Deborah has served on nonprofit boards and appointed state committees. 

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Image of APH At-Large Director Steve Pender
At-Large Director
Steve Pender has made his mark in both the corporate media and video biography fields, winning awards as a scriptwriter, producer/director and video editor. Steve started producing at an early age, when he and his brother Mike recorded their own "radio shows" on Steve's little reel-to-reel audio recorder. He graduated from Seton Hall University in 1978, even though he spent most of his time at the college's radio station. While there, Steve’s love of writing and producing blossomed, and, in his junior year, he won his first award, for a series of radio spots promoting one of the station's programs. After graduation he detoured into video production, working for a NY/NJ-based PR firm for eight years before leaving to try his hand at freelancing. In 1998 he created a personal documentary featuring his paternal grandmother - and through the process discovered his passion for family history. Steve and his wife, Halina, moved from Clifton, New Jersey to Tucson, Arizona in late 2000. Three years later, he founded Family Legacy Video, Inc., a company offering custom video biography production services. Steve joined APH in 2005. 

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Image of APH Communications Director Carol Kern
Communications Director
Carol Kern of Irving, Texas, knows first hand the appreciation and joy felt when discovering precious nuggets of family history - each nugget providing a glimpse into a loved one’s life and daily events. Carol’s interest in family history began as a young child after hearing a story of how her grandfather left home one day and never returned. Carol’s curiosity of what happened to her grandfather developed into a lifelong passion for genealogy and capturing family stories. In 2003, Carol’s passion for family history transitioned from that of family historian to that of professional historian. Carol founded Your Personal Historian, a family history business dedicated to enriching lives through the writing, sharing and preserving of family stories and life experiences. Carol joined APH in 2012 to meet others who share her passion for family and personal histories. As the Communications Director and past Texas Chapter Coordinator, Carol looks forward to continuing to assist other APH members and the community come together, sharing experiences, and learning from each other.  

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Image of APH Conference Director Mary Beth Lagerborg
Conference Director
Mary Beth Lagerborg teams with talented people to custom publish the stories of individuals, organizations, homes, or family businesses. She started her personal history business, Retelling: Creating Legacy Through Your Story in January 2011. Her previous experience includes serving as Director of Media and book brand manager for a non-profit, working with traditional publishers to create books from topic development/author identification through developmental editing and consultation on titles, cover design, and marketing. She understands “how a book becomes a book.” She loves to interview her clients, organize and write the story, and work with a creative team. Mary Beth joined APH in 2011as a first step in starting her personal history business, and attended the annual conferences since 2011. The wisdom and tools she’s received from APH events, resources, and listserv have been invaluable. As her business gains momentum, she wants to continue to volunteer and “give back.” She is honored about having been the At-Large Director for the past 16 months and is enthusiatic about continuing to serve on the board in a new role. 

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Image of APH Documents Director Jessie Campbell
Documents Director
Jessie Campbell learned through personal experience that a person’s true legacy includes not only the person’s own experiences, but also how the person impacted the lives of those around him – from family and friends to coworkers and mere acquaintances. In 2012, Jessie founded ClanOGraphy to capture these “peripheral” stories that are often not shared. Jessie is also an attorney, and she is currently the interim director and staff attorney for the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic with Houston Volunteer Lawyers. Prior to starting ClanOGraphy, she was a Managing Legal Editor for Jones McClure Publishing, which published practice guides for attorneys. She also served for three years on the Board of Directors for the RESCU Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that provides medical assistance to employees of Renaissance Faires and other historical reenactments. She is excited to use her legal knowledge in support of APH and the industry that she passionately loves. Jessie received her JD from the University of Texas in Austin School of Law and her BA from Tufts University. She lives in Katy, Texas, and is the proud mom of her furbabies, dachshunds Gretta and Ronny. 

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Image of APH Education Director Jennifer Campbell
Education Director
Jennifer Campbell has been a personal historian since 2003 and a writer and editor for 35 years. In 2011, she received the first APH award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of personal history. Jennifer is the author of Start & Run a Personal History Business. She and her business, Heritage Memoirs, have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, MORE magazine, CNN Money, Canadian Business, Elle magazine, Gannett Newspapers (publishers of USA Today), Kiplinger's Retirement Report, and many other publications. She has clients in the U.S. and Canada and will travel anywhere. Jennifer has done volunteer work for APH in many capacities - she served as the Nominations Directors on the APH Board; she served as Regional Coordinator, was the editor of the Members’ Toolkit and the editor of the APH newsletter for several years. Jennifer brings a wealth of expertise with her as she starts her role as Education Director in October, 2015. 

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Image of APH Marketing Director Judith McDowell
Marketing Director
Judith McDowell is passionate about using her writing abilities to help families and non-profits tell their unique stories with powerful and compelling prose. Her career in the non-profit arena spans 30 years in which she helped numerous organizations in Philadelphia and New Jersey tell their stories through marketing and fund raising strategies. She became interested in family and personal history when her grandmother put in her hands a parcel of letters written by her father when he served in the US Navy. She has been the keeper of her family’s history and has helped other friends and clients learn about theirs. In 2013 she started the family history business of her dreams, naming it Piper Legacy Press. Judith joined APH in 2014 and is thrilled to help this non-profit organization advance its mission to help people tell their stories. Throughout her career she has served on a number of non-profit boards; has a BS in Art Education from Millersville State University; and lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Judith has traced her ancestry back to the 1600s in this country. 

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Image of APH Membership Director Francie King
Membership Director
Francie King is an editor and writer with 30 years in publications strategic planning, writing, and management. She fell in love with personal history eight years ago while editing a book about her father’s life. In 2009, after joining APH and finding a community of supportive, like-minded souls, she turned her longtime writing consultancy into a personal history business, HistoryKeep; she maintains it alongside her work as a writer for Boston University. Building on a love of biography and family stories and with long experience as an interviewer, she has written or edited more than a dozen books, and often teams with other personal historians as a developmental and copy editor. Francie has a BA in English literature and an MA in anthropology, and has managed paid professionals and volunteers throughout her career. She has served in several volunteer leadership positions, most recently as board president for a historic library in Salem MA. She considers her entire working life to be valuable preparation for her work in personal history, and she is eager to join and contribute to the leadership of APH.  

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Image of APH Nominations Director Jim Michael
Nominations Director
Jim Michael is the founder and Director of the Personal History Center near Atlanta, Georgia, providing biographical, audio, and video production services, and coaching for self-directed personal history projects. Jim loves to find creative ways to help his clients tell their stories. Prior to starting the business, Jim had over 15 years experience in the photographic industry, followed by over 20 years as an analyst and consultant specializing in speech recognition and biometrics, risk analysis, and software development in industries including aerospace, chemicals, manufacturing, defense, national security, and law enforcement. Jim joined APH in 2008. Jim has a BA in Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Alabama and a BS and MS in Physics from Georgia State University. 

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Image of APH Online Director Alisha Morgan
Online Director
Alisha Morgan is a writer in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently employed as a web content editor and has considerable experience in both web marketing and the professional and personal uses of social media. She studied creative writing at Florida State University. In 2010, Alisha "fell into" personal history while researching her mother's paternal family and interviewing the extended family about their lives. She enjoyed this so much that in 2011, she joined APH and started her personal history business, Paperclipped Memories, LLC. 

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Image of APH Professional Development Director Annie Payne
Professional Development Director
Annie Payne, founded her business, History from the Heart, in 2006 when she joined APH. Annie attended the 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2015 conferences, reaffirming her personal history work, forging bonds with members whose skills are different/complementary and strengthening friendships. She draws on the skills and knowledge in her kit bag from her professional experience in nursing, social work, membership, events and PR management, and tertiary education lecturer, to apply to her latest career. Annie spreads the personal history word in Australia and New Zealand via frequent radio interviews and articles in ‘Inside History,’ Australia’s new Family History magazine, and community newspapers. She understands the difficulties faced by overseas members of APH who can’t easily access some of the Association’s resources and benefits. As the first Professional Development Director, Annie aims to encourage more member skills development and recognition, especially from/with international APH’ers. Annie lives in Adelaide, South Australia. 

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Image of APH Regions & Chapters Director Bruce Summers
Regions & Chapters Director
Bruce Summers started writing his first family history in eighth grade. He majored in history in college, discovered oral history as a twenty-two-year-old and dreamed of starting an oral history business for thirty years. He worked as an archivist and assistant librarian at the Historical Society of York County and as a newspaper correspondent, writing human interest stories. He entered the United States Peace Corps kicking off a thirty-year career in nonprofit capacity building, regional and chapter operation, and volunteer engagement with the Boy Scouts of American, the Smithsonian Institution, the American Red Cross, and the World Bank. Bruce served as the national lead for volunteer engagement for the American Red Cross, providing technical guidance to 700 chapters and regions engaging more than one million volunteers annually. After a thirty-year delay he started Summoose Tales a personal history business, in 2012. He joined APH in 2013 and continues to expand his personal history consulting line, specializing in print, audio, and historical research. 

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