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Backgrounder on the Association of Personal Historians

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Personal Historians Save Lives - One Story at a Time

Families collecting information about family births, deaths, and marriages are learning that stories bring to life all those names on the family tree. The two main things that keep people from collecting and preserving those stories are lack of time and lack of skill. Many of us plan to interview aging family members or record our own life stories, but we put off doing so - often until it is too late, when those who lived the stories are too frail to tell them, or their memories have faded, or their voices are silenced. There is often a sense of grief when it's clear those stories are lost forever. Luckily, more than 650 members of the Association of Personal Historians (APH) are available to help. The rich and famous have long employed professional writers and editors to help with their memoirs. The profession of personal historians helping "ordinary" people tell their stories is still developing. APH, founded in 1995 by Kitty Axelson-Berry, has led in developing the profession.

Often, a personal history is commissioned as a gift - for a holiday, special birthday, anniversary, or milestone event. Family members often share the cost, making the project an affordable investment for everyone, from which all benefit. Histories of companies and organizations are used for promotion, to boost employee morale, to explain the organization to donors and supporters, or to inform clients and vendors.

APH Leadership - Board Members
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