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10/04/2016 White, Sarah Writing Your Own Obit: a Chance to Reflect, Get It Right  (Byline: Melissa Kossler Dutton)
IN BRIEF: with several interviews, the author explores the increasing trend for self-written obituaries. → more
  abc news
09/16/2016 Coffin, Linda Oh, the stories they could tell. Preserving family stories is worth the work.  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: An article describing the value of saving family stories, along with the stories of precious heirlooms and photos. → more
  Chicago Tribune
09/01/2016 Dwyer, Kit Have a Story to Tell? Your Personal Memoirist Is Here  (Byline: Aline Tegund)
IN BRIEF: “Our parents’ lives aren’t on the internet," Said Kit Dwyer, of Firsthand Memories in Colorado. "We can’t find out about them if we don’t speak to them. And it’s slipping away.” → more
  The New York Times
08/07/2016 Wilbrink, Deborah Time To Tell Your Personal & Family History book review  (Byline: Rachel Gladstone)
IN BRIEF: Personal history how to guide by Deborah Wilbrink featured in Dish Magazine → more
  Dish Magazine
05/23/2016 Coffin, Linda How historians, psychologists may help the ultrarich avoid squandering fortunes  (Byline: Jackie Crosby)
IN BRIEF: Wealth managers try new approach with top clients. → more
  Minneapolis Star Tribune
04/26/2016 Morgan, Alisha Do You Need a Personal Historian?  (Byline: Susan Adcox)
IN BRIEF: How to decide if you need a personal historian, and what to look for in a professional memoir writer. → more
04/02/2016 Morgan, Alisha How to Create a Memoir or Family History  (Byline: Susan Adcox)
IN BRIEF: The article is about grandparents creating memoirs as gifts for their grandchildren. The author lists businesses and services who can help create memoirs and family histories, as books or movies. → more
03/16/2016 Pender, Steve Family Legacy Video  (Byline: Tina Sansone)
IN BRIEF: "Family Legacy Video offers an awesome opportunity to share your family history," writes genealogy columnist Tina Sansone. See article here: → more
  Germantown News
03/12/2016 Pender, Steve Family Legacy Video Review  (Byline: Tina Sansone)
IN BRIEF: Family Legacy Video® offers an awesome opportunity to share your family history. → more
  BellaOnline-The Voice of Women
03/07/2016 Twyford, Stefani Creating My Father’s Legacy: Martin Elkort’s Photography  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF:  → more
  Feminine Collective
03/01/2016 Frost, Mary Beth Memoirs - How Ordinary People Share Their Extraordinary Lives  (Byline: Mary Beth Frost)
IN BRIEF: This article encourages local "ordinary" people to record their unique life stories. It also provides information about various local resources to help them accomplish this goal. → more
  Duluth Superior Living magazine
02/23/2016 Pender, Steve A Savory Spotlight  (Byline: Sheri Savory - Tina Sansone)
IN BRIEF: Video biographer Steve Pender is a guest on the A Savory Spotlight podcast. → more
  LA Talk Radio
02/10/2016 Twyford, Stefani Stefani Twyford – Memory Maker & Renaissance Woman  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Stefani Twyford is more than just a memory maker and a renaissance woman, she is remarkable, funny, charming and kind and if you want to preserve your story, we highly suggest you give Legacy Multimedia a call. → more
  J-Vibe Magazine
02/05/2016 Wilbrink, Deborah Step on the Heartbridge: 50 Ways to Meet Your Lover  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Connect with others through sharing family stories about meeting loved ones. Download Feb issue to see article. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine
01/31/2016 Carroll, Susan Every picture tells your story: How to organize photos  (Byline: Kristen Jordan Shamus)
IN BRIEF: Importance of saving your stories. → more
  Detroit Free Press
01/31/2016 Groves, Deanne  (Byline: Deanne Groves)
IN BRIEF: Story of a woman who chose a different career than most in 1957. → more
  The Newsstar
01/28/2016 Wilbrink, Deborah Writing Your Ethical Will  (Byline: Ruth Leibovitz)
IN BRIEF: Ethical wills are important pieces of your legacy. What they are and how to go about it, including ask a personal historian and visit APH website. → more
  Williamson County Herald and website
01/04/2016 Wilbrink, Deborah Save Your Life Story: The Benefits of Memoir  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: An introduction to memoir with six benefits for you. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee magazine
12/30/2015 Forman, Alex home-for-the-holidays-end-of-the-year-conversations  (Byline: Alex Forman)
IN BRIEF: The value of Holiday conversations → more
  APH Blog
12/15/2015 Summers, Bruce An Entrepreneur at heart wants to turn his passion into a full-time job.  (Byline: Kimberly Palmer)
IN BRIEF: Bruce Summers continues his shift from nonprofit career to Personal Historian → more
  AARP Magazine
12/10/2015 Pender, Steve Family Legacy Video featured again on Tucson radio  (Byline: Steve Pender)
IN BRIEF: Family Legacy president Steve Pender makes a second appearance on a local Tucson radio station. → more
12/03/2015 Nobile, Arielle Making a documentary can take big step to ensure family business continuity  (Byline: Arielle Nóbile)
IN BRIEF: Article takes reader through a fictional composite of a real family in business together and the struggles they face with communicating their history, values, and future wishes to the rising generation. → more
  Smart Business Online
11/15/2015 Nobile, Arielle Legacy Connections Films Lets Families Tell Their Stories  (Byline: Simon Murray)
IN BRIEF: A reporter interviewed me over breakfast and wrote a chronicle of how I went from actress to filmmaker to Legacy filmmaker. → more
  The North Shore Weekend
11/06/2015 Carroll, Susan Memoir workshop coming to Chesterfield Township Library  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Announcing our upcoming workshop at the Chesterfield Twp Library → more
  The Voice
10/07/2015 Nobile, Arielle Lafayette film company celebrating 10 years  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Short article highlighting my work over these 10 years. → more
  Colorado Hometown Weekly
09/20/2015 White, Sarah Around Town: East Side History Club raising money to reprint popular album  (Byline: Mathew DeFour)
IN BRIEF: The local history club I co-founded is featured in this article about a fundraising event for publishing a second edition of our popular 2008 history book. → more
  Wisconsin State Journal
09/11/2015 Kadel Taras, Stephanie Ann Arbor City Club to Host Lunch Talk with A2SO Conductor Arie Lipsky  (Byline: Jenn McKee)
IN BRIEF: Stephanie Kadel Taras of TimePieces Personal Biographies interviews symphony conductor about his life story in front of an audience. → more
  Ann Arbor News
09/10/2015 Voell, Mary Patricia Legacies Partners with The View At Pine Ridge  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Combining both Legacies in-house storytelling programs with community outreach efforts, the halls of The View at Pine Ridge will be filled with new storied chapters. → more
  Freeman & Enterprise Lake Country Newspaper
08/30/2015 Tyrrell, Mary O'Brien The Art (and Business) of Storytelling  (Byline: Lorelei Stevens)
IN BRIEF:  → more
  Cape Cod Times
08/10/2015 Pender, Steve Tools for legacy planning to help clients - and hold on to their inheritors  (Byline: Liz Skinner)
IN BRIEF: Family Legacy Video president Steve Pender is quoted in article on legacy planning in Investment News. → more
  Investment News
08/06/2015 Nobile, Arielle The family filmmaker  (Byline: Wilmette native celebrates decade of making docume)
IN BRIEF: Arielle Nobile, a Wilmette native and New Trier graduate, makes documentary films centered on families with her company, Legacy Connections Films. → more
  The Wilmette Beacon,
08/05/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Family Heritage on DVD Part 2: Expert Advice for Your Heirloom Video  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Use the Download button on the home page for the August issue to read how Anyone can record family interviews but make yours a favorite family movie with tips from personal historians who specialize in video. → more
  PAGE 5 Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee magazine
08/04/2015 Pender, Steve Family Legacy Video featured on Tucson radio.  (Byline: Steve Pender)
IN BRIEF:  → more
  KVOI 1030-AM
07/08/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Family Heritage on DVD: Attorney Barbara Moss Makes Family DVDs for Gifts  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Elder law specialist and senior Barbara Moss records her family for gift DVDs. You can too, here are her tips! 1 of 2 parts → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee magazine
07/07/2015 Bloom, Dave Some of the Reasons why my Memory Sticks  (Byline: Dave Bloom)
IN BRIEF: Memories that stick and the benefits of reminiscing → more
  Esra Magazine
06/28/2015 Groves, Deanne Aliscia Banks says Farewell to Families Helping Families  (Byline: Deanne Groves, Special to the News-Star)
IN BRIEF: Profile of director of non profit. → more
  The News-Star Daily Newspaper
06/23/2015 Clipsham, Sandy Guelph Top 40 Under 40  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Celebrating the Young Leaders In Our Community → more
  Guelph Mercury
06/01/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Staying Able, Ed Zinkiewicz Coaches "How to Retire to A Better You"  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: 70 year old author coaches and writes to improve the active lifestyle of other retirees. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee magazine
05/28/2015 Lee, Suzanne Family stories shared at program  (Byline: Missy Rosenberry)
IN BRIEF: APH members Suzanne Lee and Taylor Whitney sponsor a multi-generational Show & Tell event for the public in Fairport, New York. → more
  Democrat & Chronicle of Rochester, New York
05/26/2015 Bruetsch, D'Anne It is Time for Show & Tell  (Byline: Klassy Kat Productions)
IN BRIEF: Do you remember bringing a treasured possession to"school and telling your friends why you loved it so much? Now everyone will have the chance to do the same at a Show & Tell event on Saturday, May 30 at Hayward Senior Center. → more
  Tri-City Voice
05/10/2015 Williamson, Maryann On Mother's Day Let's Treasure The Women Who Made Us Who We AreD  (Byline: Aimee Heckel)
IN BRIEF: Mother's Day column on the importance of saving family stories → more
  The Daily Camera
05/04/2015 Pender, Steve Tucson video biographer wins awards in two international competitions  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Family Legacy Video, Inc. receives two awards for a recent video biography. → more
  News Release
05/01/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Daughter Publishes 96 Year Old Mothers Book  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Wendy Wilson helps her mother Harriet Hackman publish a book that Hackman began 45 years ago. Self publishing and love across time is the focus. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee magazine
03/31/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Quilters & Personal Historian Collaborate- TV feature  (Byline: Emily Stroud)
IN BRIEF: Quilters'designs to illustrate a book & CD about personal history by Deborah Wilbrink. what is personal history? How do these quilts tie in? → more
  WBIR-TV Knoxville, TN (NBC)
03/25/2015 Uhl, Ruth Anne New studio records lives for posterity  (Byline: Bill Moss)
IN BRIEF: The Cheerful Word Life Stories Studio opens in historic downtown Hendersonville, NC. → more
  Hendersonville Lightning
03/25/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Personal History on Indie Bohemian Radio  (Byline: Ron Placone & Paulina Combow with Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Hosts explore personal history with author Deborah Wilbrink & play advance tracks from Time To Tell Your Family & Personal History → more
  WRFN Radio Nashville, Tennessee
03/11/2015 Pender, Steve Preserve, celebrate and share your life stories  (Byline: KGUN9-TV)
IN BRIEF: Family Legacy Video, Inc. president Steve Pender speaks about video biographies on Tucson TV. → more
  KGUN9-TV, Tucson, Arizona
03/10/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Saving Your Family History Gets Easier  (Byline: Staff)
IN BRIEF: New book with CD of original songs is coming out by Nashville personal historian Deborah Wilbrink. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 10
03/05/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Jim Rooney Is In It For the Long Run  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: 77 Year old tells of life in music: early folk scene & Nashville country music, & talks about his memoir, "In It for the Long Run." → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, Cover & p...
02/11/2015 Pender, Steve Family Legacy Video wins gold award  (Byline: Steve Pender)
IN BRIEF: Steve Pender, president of Tucson’s Family Legacy Video, Inc., has received a Gold Award from the 2015 AVA Digital Awards competition. → more
  News Release
02/09/2015 Collins, Natasha Literary Lovestories - a collection of  (Byline: Literary Lovestories - a collection of )
IN BRIEF: Nick Coffer, radio DJ at BBC Three Counties interviews Natasha Collins on her upcoming book requiring local couples to share their love story → more
  BBC Three Counties Radio
02/02/2015 Collins, Natasha Barnet mother needs couples to write love book for relationship charity Mother Care  (Byline: Call out for couples with a tale of romance to sha)
IN BRIEF: Literary Lifestories to produces Literary Lovestories → more
  Hendon Times
02/02/2015 McNees, Pat Personal History segment, Seniors Today (Montgomery County, MD)  (Byline: Austin Heyman iinterviews Pat McNees and Debbie Br)
IN BRIEF: Seniors Today does stories for seniors and this segment was all about personal histories as a wonderful process (and product) for seniors. → more
  Montgomery County Cable
02/01/2015 Collins, Natasha Tales of Romance  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Tales of Romance → more
  Hertfordshire Life
02/01/2015 Wilbrink, Deborah Ben A. Jobe Weaves "Common Threads"  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Feature about 70 year old author Ben Jobe and his family history which traces Civil War heroes and slave owners to his own present work against human trafficking. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 4
01/08/2015 Collins, Natasha Literary Lifestories... how a ghostwriter can turn your life story into a novel  (Byline: Natasha Collins)
IN BRIEF: Everyone has a story to tell... → more
  Sell Your Story
12/17/2014 McHugh, Joanne Can family decorations hold up to public scrutiny?  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about how being featured on the local holiday house tour led to reflection about our family's Christmas decorations → more
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
12/09/2014 Woody, Elisabeth Berkeley Innovators  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: University of California, Berkeley alumni entrepreneurs → more
  University of California, Berkeley
12/02/2014 Forman, Alex Perfil TV Alerj  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: An interview about working as a personal historian for local tv in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil → more
  TV Alerj
12/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Stories to Jump the Generation Gap  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Make your visit with relatives more fun by using these storytelling tips! → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 7, cov...
12/01/2014 Collins, Natasha Bringing Lives to Life  (Byline: Bringing Lives to Life )
IN BRIEF: Bringing Lives to Life → more
  Writing Magazine
11/07/2014 Hamilton, Patricia "Keepers of Our Culture"  (Byline: Patricia Hamilton)
IN BRIEF: Debut weekly newspaper column about the importance and benefits of writing your life story and preserving it for future generations. → more
  Cedar Street Times
11/01/2014 Bell, April The Ethical Will, an Ancient Concept, Is Revamped for the Tech Age  (Byline: CONSTANCE GUSTKE)
IN BRIEF: Ethical Wills, their past, present and future → more
  The New York Times
11/01/2014 Turner Hollman, Marjorie Getting veterans to tell their stories  (  pdf)  (Byline: J.D. O'Gara)
IN BRIEF: Local personal historians shares 'how to's" of Veterans' oral history project → more
  Local Town Pages--newspaper
11/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Storytellers Patsy and Herman Lawson Tell THE STORY OF US  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Storytelling couple share why their unique heritage makes for a fascinating family history, and new career after retirement! → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 10
10/31/2014 Baines, Barry The Ethical Will, an Ancient Concept, Is Revamped for the Tech Age  (Byline: Constance Gutske)
IN BRIEF: Overview of newer technologies used with ethical wills → more
  The New York Times
10/21/2014 Robinson, Rebecca In Focus  (Byline: Anita Sthankiya)
IN BRIEF: I was invited to be the guest on In Focus - a daily article dedicated to people and business owners in the community. → more
  Kelowna Now
10/15/2014 Collins, Natasha Barnet Graduate helps others tell life stories  (Byline: Anna Slater)
IN BRIEF: A graduate who completed her degree despite becoming a mother during the first year of her course is now helping people tell their life stories. → more
  Hendon & Finchley; Barnet & Potters Bar Times
10/04/2014 Coffin, Linda Awards Presented at the Minnesota Genealogical Society North Star Conference  (Byline: Lois Abromitis Mackin)
IN BRIEF: Linda Coffin received the Minnesota Genealogical Society Ambassador award at the North Star Conference in Edina, Minnesota, on October 4, 2014. → more
  Association of Professional Genealogists, Northlan...
10/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Voices of Experience: Helen Hudson and Kissing Tomatoes  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Helen Hudson is an Alzheimer's activist and singer-songwriter.Helen wrote a memoir, Kissing Tomatoes, about caretaking for her grandmother, who had Alzheimer's, while Helen was a young married at age 23. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 15
09/27/2014 Peirce, Amy History in the Taking  (Byline: Faces of Business: Amy Peirce)
IN BRIEF: Hastings woman documents clients' life stories. New business overview. → more
  Hastings Tribune
09/22/2014 Forman, Alex Alexandra Forman-personal historian. Vocę inventa a historia da sua vida  (Byline: por Ludmilla de Lima)
IN BRIEF: Conte algo que năo sei O Globo 9/22/14 (The column is called “Tell Me Something I don’t Know”) → more
  O Globo
09/21/2014 Baines, Barry It's Never Too Soon to Consider Our Own Legacy  (Byline: Gail Rosenblum)
IN BRIEF: Article relates to this journalists participation in an ethical wii/legacy letter 'mini-workshop.' → more
  Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper
09/04/2014 Atwater, Libby Libby Atwater Examines Perseverance in Her Memoir "What Lies Within"  (Byline: Bill Frank)
IN BRIEF: Interview on my memoir and being a personal historian → more
  KVTA AM 1520, Ventura, CA, USA and Internet
09/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Voices of Experience: What Can You Teach?  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Deborah tells about a favorite teacher, and other school experiences. She then asks, "What lessons learned from life can you give to others?" Everyone has a unique perspective and could start today to leave it in personal history form. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 5
08/24/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne New workshop to focus on memoir writing  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Free workshops offered to the community giving people a first-hand experience writing brief life stories with Sam Uhl of The Cheerful Word. → more
  Blue Ridge Now
08/24/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne The Ugly Mug  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Free memoir writing workshops offered by The Cheerful Word at The Ugly Mug Coffee Shop and Cafe. → more
08/18/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne My Life Stories Guided Memoir Writing Workshop Series  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Eight-week, theme-based memoir writing workshop series writing just two pages at a time! → more
  Blue Ridge Now
08/08/2014 Bell, April Capturing Walnut Creek's Memories  (Byline: By Deborah Burstyn)
IN BRIEF: "Since 2012, we've interviewed 18 people. We will be interviewing 10 more longtime or past Walnut Creek residents in September," said Bell, a Walnut Creek townie herself. → more
  The Contra Costa Times' Walnut Creek Journal
08/06/2014 Cox, Candace Genealogy: Your Ancestor Shot and Killed My Ancestor!  (Byline: Candace Cox)
IN BRIEF: Our ancestors did a lot of living between their birth and death dates! As you are researching your genealogy, also look for information that will reveal something of their lives - not just that they lived. → more
  Retirement and Good Living website
08/05/2014 Bell, April App Review: StoryCatcher  (Byline: Shannon Combs Bennett)
IN BRIEF: StoryCatcher is an iPhone app that allows the user to quickly, and easily, create and share [family history] videos. → more
  The Indepth Genealogist
08/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Add Story to Your Family History  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Genealogists and personal historians can use complementary skills for a more readable family history. How to find, attribute, and add story. Both professions quoted. Ran black & white, p. 36. → more
  Middle Tennessee Journal for Genealogy and History...
08/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah That's the Gist of It: Book Review  (Byline: Shirley Wilson)
IN BRIEF: Book review of That's the Gist of It by Thaddeus Martin, editor Deborah Wilbrink, APH. → more
  Middle Tennessee Journal for Genealogy and History...
08/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Voices of Experience: Judith Parrish Broadbent's "Golden Days"  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Active senior Judith Parrish Broadbent publishes a book with stories set in Tennessee's historical past, and poems by her and her daughters. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 10
07/15/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Do You Love Me? Book Review  (Byline: Martha Gerdeman, Ed.)
IN BRIEF: Gerdeman reviews the memoir by local senior Gigi Goodall. → more
  The Journal of Dickson County History and Geneaolo...
07/14/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Cross the Generation Gap with Family Stories  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Write family stories with your relatives from different generations for fun and connection. → more
  Retirement and Good Living website
07/06/2014 Gilbert, Tom Telling Life's Stories: Four Late-Blooming Personal Historians  (Byline: Lynne Strang)
IN BRIEF: While people of all ages become personal historians, many are in the second halves of their lives. As their awareness of time’s fleeting nature increases, so does an interest in capturing and preserving life memories. → more
07/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Voices of Experience: Patricia West captures her father's story  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Personal Historian Patricia West finishes and publishes her father's memoir after his death: From Stearmans to Starfighters - A Pilot's Memoir → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 7
06/05/2014 White, Sarah Telling Life’s Stories: Four Late-Blooming Personal Historians by Lynne Strang  (Byline: Lynne Strang)
IN BRIEF: Article profiling Sarah White, Lin Joyce, Bruce Summers, and Tom Gilbert on LaterBloomer blog → more
06/04/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Write Your Memoir Now  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: The time is now to write your memoir. Retirement offers opportunity to set the goal and meet it, here's how. → more
  Retirement and Good Living website
06/01/2014 Farley, Bill “I was left an orphan”: Reconstructing the Family History of Esther (Rask) Barnett  (Byline: Bill Farley)
IN BRIEF: The author reconstructs the missing childhood of Esther Rask - telling the story her parent's efforts to keep their family together. → more
  American Ancestors Magazine
06/01/2014 Baxter, Debra Everyone Has a Story to Tell  (Byline: By Debra Baxter)
IN BRIEF: Article describes different types of personal histories, why it's important to record them, and how to find help. → more
  50 Plus News and Views
05/31/2014 Hecht, Anita Oral history video aims to preserve Dave Obey  (Byline: Keith Uhlig)
IN BRIEF: Retired congressman Dave Obey is working with APH member Anita Hecht on an videotaped oral history project that will feature stories of his career. → more
  Wausau Daily Herald
05/30/2014 White, Sarah The examined life | Personal historians preserve ‘ordinary’ lives through published memoirs  (Byline: Lynn Vincent)
IN BRIEF: A survey and profile of personal history work → more
  Christian World
05/24/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Senior Show-and-tells more than a trip down memory lane  (Byline: Tony Gonzalez; Photos by Sanford Myers)
IN BRIEF: Seniors share stories at show and tells in middle Tennessee. Memoirist Deborah Wilbrink tells benefits. Personal History Awareness month and APH mentioned. → more
  The Tennessean
05/23/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Rich Stories Emerge at Show and Tell for Seniors  (Byline: Tony Gonzalez)
IN BRIEF: Seniors share stories at show and tells in Nashville, TN area hosted by Deborah Wilbrink. → more
  The Tennessean
05/15/2014 White, Bryan Pleasanton: Capturing life stories and legacies -- firm  (Byline: Zoe Francis)
IN BRIEF: Ed Dantzig is having Pleasanton-based Storylight Films record a few story gems and family history lessons that will be woven together into a compelling tale that will last forever. → more
  Contra Costa Times
05/14/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Show & Tells Celebrate Personal History in May MAY 14 ENTRY  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink & APH)
IN BRIEF: Seniors do and will share stories of interest to celebrate Personal History Awareness Month in Nashville. → more
  Writers in the Sky Podcast, E-zine, & Blog
05/11/2014 Nelson-Reid, Lori Zoo Mom  (Byline: New Book Chronicles Minn. Woman Life as Foster Mom)
IN BRIEF: Television coverage → more
  KSTP-TV, ABC affiliate
05/07/2014 Groves, Deanne Jes  (Byline: Hope Young)
IN BRIEF: Information about local happenings in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana → more
  The News-Star Daily Newspaper
05/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Personal History Events to be Held Throughout Middle Tennessee  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink & APH)
IN BRIEF: Show & Tell events celebrate Personal History Month in Tennessee → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 5
05/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Perry Crosses Miles & Generations for "Oh, Come, Angel Band"  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Two distant cousins find they both want to write the family history. They combine different skills to accomplish a book and website about the Bates family. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 4
04/30/2014 Forman, Alex Flying Solo in Brazil  (  pdf)  (Byline: Alex Forman)
IN BRIEF: I may be the only personal historian in Brazil. → more
  The Perstorian
04/21/2014 Carroll, Susan Memoir Writing Workshop at Ferndale Library April 23  (Byline: Ferndale Public Library Press Release)
IN BRIEF: The Ferndale Public Library will be hosting a free memoir writing workshop Wed., Apr. 23 from 7 pm to 9 pm as part of its Ferndale Reads 2014 program celebrating the book Annie’s Ghosts, by Steve Luxenberg. → more
  Oakland County One-Fifteen
04/21/2014 Shafron, Jane Legacy Planning in the Digital Age  (Byline: Help clients preserve their histories and life les)
IN BRIEF: A guide for estate planning attorneys on how to help their clients leave a lasting legacy → more
  Trusts and Estates Magazine
04/16/2014 Peirce, Amy New Hastings business helps your personal history live on  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Overview of services offered by Stories in Time → more
  Omaha World Herald
04/15/2014 White, Sarah Writing Your Own Obituary Is Your ‘Final Selfie!’  (Byline: Linda Lee)
IN BRIEF: Now that ‘selfies’ have become so popular, here’s your chance to leave one ‘final selfie‘ for people to remember you by! Instead of leaving it to your grieving family, more people are now writing their own obituaries. → more
  WYCD 99.5 Detroit, CBS local affiliate
04/13/2014 Peirce, Amy Stories in Time  (Byline: Recording your personal history focus of new Hasti)
IN BRIEF: New business records personal history → more
  The Grand Island Independent
04/09/2014 Marks, Debbie Show and Tell is Not Just for Kids  (Byline: Emily Wood)
IN BRIEF: Article on Show & Tell event happening in Barrie, Canada and the origins of Show & Tell by Martie McNabb. → more
  Innisfil Scope
04/04/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Jim Taulman's 75-Year-Plan: What Retirement?  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Jim Taulman tackles a third career, personal historian, in Franklin, Tennessee. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 7
04/03/2014 Kadel Taras, Stephanie What Have I Gotten Myself Into? Confessions of a New Club President  (Byline: Stephanie Kadel Taras)
IN BRIEF: A first-person, humorous and inspiring essay about community service → more
  Ann Arbor Observer
04/03/2014 Farley, Bill Legacy Writers Helps Families Preserve Their History  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Bill and Lauren Farley have started a business to help individuals, families, corporations and communities research and preserve their histories. → more
  San Marino Outlook
04/01/2014 White, Sarah Woman Explores The Art Of The "Selfie Obituary"  (Byline: Fox49 Philadelphia reporter)
IN BRIEF: The Selfie Obituary: write your own obituary so your family doesn't have to. → more
  Fox 49 Philadelphia (local news)
03/30/2014 Borzo, Sherry Group's Members Tell Stories the Old Fashioned Way  (Byline: Mike Kilen)
IN BRIEF: Show & Tell Des Moines members gather to share stories. → more
  Des Moines Register
03/16/2014 Sielen, Rae Jean 20 Years of Preserving History  (Byline: Tom Terrarosa)
IN BRIEF: Highlighting Populore Publishing Company's mission, services, and history. → more
  The Morgantown (West Virginia) Dominion-Post (elec...
03/15/2014 Voell, Mary Patricia  (Byline: Carol Pomeday)
IN BRIEF: Left with a treasure trove of photos and writings, Grafton woman transforms a daunting challenge into a lasting tribute. → more
  Ozaukee Press
03/12/2014 Borzo, Sherry Sharing Stories: Show & Tell for Grown-ups.  (Byline: Megan Reuther)
IN BRIEF: Show & Tell Des Moines launches! → more
03/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Leonard Goodwin: Mt. Juliet's Inspirational Poet  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: 84 year old social scientist discovers a deeper spiritual life and writes his memoir in poem form, "Echoes of the Universe, A Spiritual Journey." → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee p.4
02/23/2014 Turner Hollman, Marjorie Adult Show and Tell comes to Bellingham  (Byline: Lindsay Corcoran)
IN BRIEF: Coverage of the first show and tell program in Bellingham, report about participants, and photo → more
  Milford Daily News
02/22/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne My Life Stories I  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Buy tickets to My Life Stories I, a guided memoir writing workshop at the Claddagh Inn. → more
  Blue Ridge Now
02/22/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne Personal History Show & Tell for Adults  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Personal History Show & Tell for Adults → more
02/21/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne Life stories workshop approaching  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Personal Historian Sam Uhl hosts "My Life Stories," a guided memoir writing workshop. → more
  Times-News paper
02/21/2014 Uhl, Ruth Anne My Life Stories I  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: There is no time like the present to connect yourself to future generations with the gift of your life stories. → more
02/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah Do You Love Me? Tennessee Senior Gigi Goodall Finds the Answer  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Senior author tells of publishing her inspiring memoir: how she was abandoned but grew into a career finding housing for the poor, and provided foster care for 25 children. "Do You Love Me" by Gigi Goodall on AMAZON. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 6
01/22/2014 Barrett, Ronda Personal Histories: For the Next Generation, and Yourself  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A growing contingent of older Americans are using video, audio or written word to capture their personal histories. These efforts benefit their loved ones as well as themselves. → more
  Gazette Seniors, Montgomery County
01/17/2014 McNabb, Martie A Show-and-Tell for Adults in Brooklyn  (Byline: Like Pinterest but in person. Or Antiques Roadshow)
IN BRIEF: Just like elementary school but without the gerbils... we hope! Bring an object & tell a story! → more
  Wall Street Journal
01/14/2014 Bell, April App to help you gather family stories  (Byline: Stephanie West Allen)
IN BRIEF: Because I believe the flow from ancestry to life to legacy is important—often extremely influential on how we live our lives and affect future generations… → more
01/08/2014 Sackowitz, Karen Everyone's "Once Upon a Time" ... Should Be Told  (Byline: Heather Herve, GOODMorningWilton)
IN BRIEF: Karen Sackowitz Communications, LLC introduces personal and corporate narrative services → more
01/01/2014 Bell, April Tree of Life Legacies Doing more for families than just telling stories  (Byline: Sophie Braccini)
IN BRIEF: Developing a strong narrative by documenting stories from the family is something Lafayette resident and businesswoman April Bell started to do six years ago, and with the help of a new app, she is making it even easier and more affordable. → more
  Lamorinda Weekley
01/01/2014 Wilbrink, Deborah The Sky’s the Limit for Local Author Janice Robinson  (  pdf)  (Byline: by Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: 78-yr-old Jan Robinson adopted a stray kitten. She used her photos and to write and publish the true tale, "The Sky's the Limit, Adventures of McGee the Cat." She stays active teaching swimming, and is in a study group and writers circle. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 4
12/31/2013 Robinson, Rebecca Entrepreneur saving memories  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Life Story Film strives to document the lives of those in Dementia care to provide better insights to each patient - thereby increasing their quality of care. → more
  Kelowna Capital News
12/24/2013 Merrill, Sarah Wright's Dairy Farm family book documents four generations  (Byline: Sandy Seone)
IN BRIEF: A book created for the Wright family documents four generations of life on the farm. → more
  The Valley Breeze
12/24/2013 McHugh, Joanne The one and only  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about Christmas days of yore at Philly's landmark department store, Wanamaker's → more
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
12/24/2013 Bell, April App Review: Storycatcher  (Byline: Liz Massey)
IN BRIEF: StoryCatcher is a wonderful development in the evolution of how we record, structure and save family histories. Users only need minimal technical ability with… → more
  Listen Closely Productions
12/20/2013 Kadel Taras, Stephanie Elkins Native Revisits Roots in New Book  (Byline: Beth Christian Broschart)
IN BRIEF: Stephanie Kadel Taras signs her new memoir and social history, Mountain Girls, at the bookstore in Elkins, West Virginia, where the book takes place. → more
  The Inter-Mountain
12/18/2013 Geballe, Sara Memoir Crafters chronicles personal legacies  (Byline: Tim Newcomb)
IN BRIEF: "Everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes getting that legacy into keepsake form proves too daunting..." → more
  Lynden Tribune and Ferndale Record
12/12/2013 Thomas, Kate Couple Brings Family Histories to Life  (Byline: James Wood and Kate Thomas help Sarasota families )
IN BRIEF: Through a set of interviews and researched genealogy, the couple handcrafts clients' biographies in both print and multimedia formats. → more
  Sarasota Observer and Pelican Press
12/11/2013 Abess, Liz RM woman builds business around life stories  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: The article summarizes my "reminisce Life Stories" business in a local community newspaper. → more
  The River Valley Times
12/10/2013 Barrett, Ronda Our story, in the hands of a pro  (Byline: Families hire )
IN BRIEF: Ronda Barrett worked with the Lanning family to capture the story of 84 year old life long pilot James C. Lanning through film. → more
  The Washington Post
12/02/2013 Marks, Debbie Barrie's first mayor shares legacy with family  (Byline: Ian McInvoy)
IN BRIEF: Former mayor enlists help of personal historian Debbie Marks of Marks in Time to record family history for family. → more
  The Barrie Examiner
12/01/2013 Wilbrink, Deborah Local Gift-Giving, Meaningful to Giver & Recipient  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Suggestions for meaningful gifts that can be found locally. Personal History gift certificate and time spent together suggestions are included. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 6
11/26/2013 Kuentz, Patsy From the President--Proud to Report SAGHS Awards at 2013 TSGS Conference  (Byline: President of the San Antonio Genealogical and Hist)
IN BRIEF: In November, 2013, an article written by Patsy Kuentz won a manuscript writing award from the Texas State Genealogical Society. → more
  The San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Societ...
11/25/2013 Perham, Deborah May I Introduce To You . . . Deborah Tomasetti Perham  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: interviewed me as a blogger who focuses on personal/family history. → more
11/24/2013 Perham, Deborah Cooking With Grandma Far-Away  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Food Stories collects stories connected to memories of family recipes and meals. → more
11/24/2013 Danielsen, Mary Storm Damaged Images Saved: Mount Laurel Woman honored for dedication to photo restoration  (Byline: By William Sokolic)
IN BRIEF: A feature article on Mary Danielsen being honored by the Association of Personal Historians for her disaster recovery efforts in personal history following Hurricane Sandy in late 2012 → more
11/23/2013 Budreau, Judy Aging But Dangerous Sizzle  (Byline: Jean Ketcham and C. Suzanne Bates, hosts)
IN BRIEF: Radio interview on how to start writing your life story → more
  KLBB 1220 AM
11/01/2013 Wilbrink, Deborah Save Your Life Story: The Benefits of A Memoir  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Everyone has a story, just listen to these Tennessee seniors! Write or record your memories and reap these six benefits of memoir. → more
  Mature Lifestyles of Tennessee Magazine, p. 19
10/30/2013 Pulice, Pamela Who Inspires You?  (Byline: Documentary reveals dancer's storied past)
IN BRIEF: Residents of Miller's Merry Manor Nursing Home gathered around the television to watch a special movie that featured dancing, world travel, and a love story. It was about the life of one of their residents, an English WWII War Bride named Peggy. → more
  The LaPorte County Herald-Argus
10/18/2013 Nobile, Arielle Volunteers, photo shops work to save flood-damaged photos  (Byline: Volunteers work to save photos damaged in CO flood)
IN BRIEF: Newcast talks about the efforts of volunteers in Boulder to rescue people's damaged personal treasures → more
  FOX 31 Denver News KDVR
09/25/2013 Knackstedt, Marsha Nonprofit rescues family photos  (Byline: Steve Lynn)
IN BRIEF: The Memory Preservation Coalition, a local not-for-profit has organized several Memory Rescue Centers to help Colorado flood victims rescue their photos. → more
  Northern Colorado Business Report
09/24/2013 Knackstedt, Marsha Group saving photos of flood victims  (Byline: Nick McGurk)
IN BRIEF: Reporting on the Memory Preservation Coalition volunteer efforts to rescue wet photos from the recent flood that damaged many homes and businesses. → more
09/22/2013 Coffin, Linda Minneapolis: King's Fair photo recap  (Byline: Rebekah Peterson)
IN BRIEF: Linda Coffin, Dick Westby, and Marilyn Matheny in costume to celebrate the original King's Fair in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. → more
  Twin Cities Daily Planet
09/05/2013 Hecht, Anita Print and Online news article: Lead Belt Jewish Oral History Project  (Byline: New Book Explores Jewish History of Area)
IN BRIEF: Former and current residents of St. Francois County compiled a book called in collaboration with Life History Services, LLC. → more
  Daily Journal , Park Hills Missouri
08/19/2013 McHugh, Joanne Remembering Field of Seams  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about Philly's old Veterans Stadium → more
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
08/10/2013 Voell, Mary Patricia Many Missions  (Byline: Lois Pflum)
IN BRIEF: Mary Patricia Voell keeps busy with extracurricular activities. → more
  Action Reporter Media
08/01/2013 Lippert, Richard High-Speed Scanning and More  (  pdf)  (Byline: High-speed scanning and more, for your personal fa)
IN BRIEF: Genealogy technological expert, Tony Bandy evaluates the Kodak PS80 Picture Saver Scanner. → more
  Internet Genealogy August/September 2013 Edition
07/29/2013 Adelman, David Adelman Scion Brings in $850k for Video Business  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: The Washington Post reports on ReelGenie's seed round funding → more
  Washington Post
07/29/2013 Adelman, David Maryland’s ReelGenie Raises $850,000 in Seed Funding  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: TechCocktail reports on ReelGenie's seed funding → more
07/23/2013 Pulice, Pamela Woman preserves people’s memories  (Byline: N/A)
IN BRIEF: I was interviewed by local columnist about my life and latest video entitled Peggy's Memoirs, Recollections of an English War Bride. → more
  Post-Tribune, Sun-Times Media Group
07/23/2013 Danielsen, Mary Holding on to the memories  (Byline: Gail T. Boatman)
IN BRIEF: Story about the personal historian business launched by Documented Legacy in the southern New Jersey region → more
  Burlington County Times
07/19/2013 Twyford, Stefani Family stories: Take note and take notes  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: How to get family members talking about the past. → more
  The Leader
07/15/2013 Woody, Elisabeth Featuring Designing Mom: Elisabeth from 11stories  (Byline: Cat Seto)
IN BRIEF: 11stories is featured on a national blog, discussing the importance of storytelling and family, and capturing stories before it is too late. → more
07/10/2013 Twyford, Stefani Legacy Multimedia of Houston Receives 2013 Hermes Creative Award For Personal History  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipient of a Gold Award in the Documentary category from the 2013 Hermes Creative Awards. → more
  Business Wire
07/01/2013 Budreau, Judy Stories From Your Life - Facebook  (Byline: Judy Budreau)
IN BRIEF: Third in a series aimed at older adults showing how to use technology to write or tell personal history stories. → more, a service of OATS (Older Adults ...
07/01/2013 Geballe, Sara Whatcom Writers and Publishers  (Byline: Carolyn Leeper)
IN BRIEF: Profile of various members of Whatcom Writers and Publishers -- including Sara Geballe of Memoir Crafters → more
  Northwest Retirement Magazine
06/01/2013 Woody, Elisabeth a celebration (and a sale!)  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: 20% off all packages booked in June, in honor of the owner's father. → more
06/01/2013 Budreau, Judy Stories From Your Life  (Byline: Judy Budreau)
IN BRIEF: Second in a series aimed at older adults showing how to use technology to write or tell personal history stories. → more, a service of OATS (Older Adults ...
05/30/2013 Pender, Steve Capture Your Family History on Video This Summer  (Byline: Steve Pender)
IN BRIEF: Video biographer Steve Pender suggests that summer is a great time to record life stories. → more
05/22/2013 Abbott, Linda Company Profile: Never Forget Legacies & Tributes  (Byline: Brian Lee)
IN BRIEF: Article relates the services provided by Never Forget Legacies & Tributes, and talks about my reasons for starting the business. → more
  Madison Startups
05/15/2013 Wilbrink, Deborah A Violent Misunderstanding  (  pdf)  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: The death of Lt.Andrew Wills Gould, C. S. A., stabbed in company quarters by his commander Nathan Bedford Forrest, is not only dramatic but illustrates 3 vital points about Nashville City Cemetery, Gould's final resting place. → more
  Monuments & Milestones, Nashville City Cemetery As...
05/11/2013 Pender, Steve Care Connection  (Byline: Russell Burns)
IN BRIEF: Host Russell Burns speaks with Family Legacy Video's president, Steve Pender, about personal video biographies. → more
05/10/2013 Abbott, Linda The Best Gift You'll Ever Give Your Mother  (Byline: Linda Abbott)
IN BRIEF: Another Mother's Day is upon us and it's time to start The Search for a great gift for Mom. → more
05/08/2013 Marks, Debbie A lasting legacy  (Byline: Debbie Marks)
IN BRIEF: Preserving family history is becoming more popular. This articles talks about ways to research and preserve a lasting legacy. → more
  Good Life magazine
05/02/2013 Budreau, Judy Stories From Your Life  (Byline: Judy Budreau)
IN BRIEF: First in a series aimed at older adults showing how to use technology to write or tell personal history stories. → more, a service of OATS (Older Adults ...
04/28/2013 Geballe, Sara Interested in writing your memoirs? These classes and services can help.  (Byline: Dean Kahn)
IN BRIEF: A listing of several area resources for people interested in writing their memoirs, including Memoir Crafters. Gives the APH website as well and explains the role of personal historians. → more
  The Bellingham Herald
04/14/2013 Perham, Deborah Brooklyn Historical Society compiles residents' accounts from Superstorm Sandy for future generations  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Oral history project recounting stories of Superstorm Sandy to be housed at the Brooklyn Historical Society. → more
04/10/2013 Savigny, Peter Video Memories  (Byline: Anne Semmes)
IN BRIEF: Saving stories is as important as saving images. → more
  Greenwich Citizen
03/28/2013 Woody, Elisabeth Serendipity & 11stories  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Profile of 11stories business → more
03/22/2013 Pacelli, Pam A Moment in Time: Legacy Videos Bring Family Businesses to the Next Generation  (Byline: Christina P. O'Neill)
IN BRIEF: Planning and executing legacy videos for family businesses → more
  Family Business Magazine quarterly supplement; Ban...
03/13/2013 Twyford, Stefani Hey, at Least You Can Be Virtually Immortal  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Examining the growing trend of documenting one's personal history in a variety of formats. → more
  The New York Times
03/12/2013 White, Sarah Hey, at Least You Can Be Virtually Immortal  (Byline: J. Peder Zane)
IN BRIEF: A survey of ways people are curating and preserving their life stories for future generations. → more
  The New York Times
03/03/2013 Lippert, Richard Each item tells a human story, UCF prof says at history harvest  (Byline: History Harvest offers personal benefits while com)
IN BRIEF: Working with the University of Central Florida, E-Z Photo Scan has just completed an unique History Harvest event in the oldest city in Central Florida. (Sanford, FL incorporated in 1877.) → more
  Orlando Sentinel, Tribune Company
03/01/2013 Kent, Eileen History Through a Lens  (Byline: Frank Ready / Photographer Kimberly Cook)
IN BRIEF: Stories of a Lifetime owner/director Eileen Kent is featured in photos and article. → more
02/28/2013 Woody, Elisabeth Snapshot of a Marriage: Adam & Elisabeth  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Couple Story in celebration of 15th wedding anniversary, profile of 11stories → more
  Snippet & Ink
02/27/2013 Pacelli, Pam "Revolutionary Voices: A Last Muster film" launches Kickstarter campaign  (Byline: Pam Pacelli, Verissima Productions; Maureen Taylor)
IN BRIEF: Revolutionary war generation lives in photos! Follow Maureen Taylor as she uncovers their stories in film → more
02/25/2013 Lippert, Richard E-Z Photo Scan Introduces Extended Rental Program for Individual and Community Groups to Preserve Treasured Photos  (Byline: E-Z Photo Scan has announced its new extended rent)
IN BRIEF: E-Z Photo Scan has announced its new extended rental program, making high quality scanning equipment available to families, organizations and communities at an affordable price. → more
  WALB News10, Albany GA; FOX11 News, Santa Maria CA...
02/22/2013 Wilbrink, Deborah Tennessee state chapter of APH Forms  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: National APH members of Tennessee meet in Chattanooga to form a state chapter; what and why personal history? Open meet and greet too with Patricia West, Co-President details. → more
  SUNY 92.3 Radio, Chattanooga
02/22/2013 Wilbrink, Deborah A Ghostwriter Shares Disco, Tear Gas and Song  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: Ghostwriting takes one down Memory Lane, examples from disco and from Memphis civil rights riots. → more
  Writers In the Sky e-zine, 3rd article
02/21/2013 Baines, Barry What Does Legacy Mean to You?  (Byline: Barry K. Baines, MD)
IN BRIEF: First of three articles for on Legacy and Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters → more, Amplifier Hub and Facebook
02/20/2013 Uhl, Ruth Anne A Man, His Wife, and a Fish: A Love Story  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: How a nine-year-old girl learned from an elderly man the importance of listening and learning about what a lifelong love looks like. → more
  Association of Personal Historians
02/14/2013 Woody, Elisabeth For Valentine  (Byline: Elisabeth Woody)
IN BRIEF: Couple Story celebrating ten year wedding anniversary → more
02/11/2013 Megaridis, Crystal Addison Genealogy Club gives residents chance to trace their roots  (Byline: Alex Keown)
IN BRIEF: I was asked to speak to the Genealogy Club that meets at the Addison Public Library (Illinois). → more
02/07/2013 O'Neil, David PNC opens banking history exhibit  (Byline: John Henderson)
IN BRIEF: PNC Bank unveils a multimedia exhibit that documents the rich history of banking in Rocky Mount. → more
  Rocky Mount Telegram
02/03/2013 Milstein, Susan Life Stories  (Byline: Peg Melnik)
IN BRIEF: Personal History Productions is featured in a story about the trend among older people of recording their life stories as a legacy for future generations of their families. → more
  The Press Democrat
01/24/2013 Shafron, Jane Residents tell stories of hardship, inspiration  (Byline: Suzanne Sproul)
IN BRIEF: Review of Your Story Here documentary "Here I Am: Extraordinary Lives in the Inland Empire." → more
  Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
01/22/2013 Perham, Deborah New Family History Project Offers Career Opportunities to Semi-Retiring Court Reporters, Genealogists, Photo Organizers, and Bab  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: New baby boomer career opportunities to court reporters, organizers, genealogists and teachers. → more
  Albany Times Union
01/18/2013 Lippert, Richard Donates Professional Scanning Equipment to Apopka Historical Society and Museum of the Apopkans  (Byline: Donation to Promote Digital Preservation Program a)
IN BRIEF: has shown its support for the Apopka Historical Society and Museum of the Apopkans’ Digital Preservation Program with a gift of professional scanning equipment. → more, Yahoo! News,
01/03/2013 Gafiuk, Anne Vintage Flyer  (Byline: By Carolyn Dunn, CBC)
IN BRIEF: Gordon Jones, 89 years old at the time, still flies his WWII Tiger Moth plane in and around High River every chance he gets. → more
  CBC The National
12/29/2012 Marks, Debbie A video to remember loved ones  (Byline: Janis Ramsay)
IN BRIEF: Barrie’s Debbie Marks has a passion for storytelling. The former broadcaster has started her own business, Marks In Time, to interview and film those important stories in people’s lives. → more
  Barrie Advance
12/28/2012 Wilbrink, Deborah Focused Memoir: Write Your Spiritual Autobiography  (Byline: Deborah Wilbrink)
IN BRIEF: How and why to write an autobiography or memoir that focuses on your spiritual development. → more
  Writers In the Sky e-zine, lead article
12/23/2012 White, Sarah Holiday Storytelling  (Byline: Amy Carlson)
IN BRIEF: Holiday special, Weekend Morning News segment featuring interview with Sarah White → more
  WMTV15-Madison, Wisconsin
12/14/2012 Perham, Deborah Fan Letter To Lower East Side Tenement Museum  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Fan letter to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum (NYC) published in their newsletter, with pic (of me and Grandma). → more
  Lower East Side Tenement Museum's Newsletter "New...
12/11/2012 Dassow, Diane Personal Historian Helps Families Preserve Stories  (Byline: Binding Legacies submission)
IN BRIEF: Don't wait. Now is the time to preserve your story. → more
  Dailiy Herald (DuPage County Bureau)
12/10/2012 Castaneda, Sue Sue Castaneda discusses her new book about Cheyenne’s Hitching Post Inn  (Byline: Wyoming Public Media)
IN BRIEF: Sue Castaneda discusses her new book with Wyoming Public Media's Bob Beck. → more
  Wyoming Public Media, KUWR - Laramie, Wyoming
12/10/2012 Castaneda, Sue Michael DeGreve Playing a Reunion Show in Cheyenne  (Byline: Amy Richards)
IN BRIEF: Longtime Hitching Post Inn entertainer returns to Cheyenne to help promote Sue Castaneda's new book. → more
12/07/2012 Danielsen, Mary Photo Recovery and Reuniting Efforts in Union Beach, New Jersey  (Byline: Thomas MacEntee)
IN BRIEF: Recently Flip-Pal Cares sprang into action in Union Beach, NJ to help recover family photos that had washed up on the beaches after Hurricane Sandy. Here is a report from Gordon Nuttall, CEO of Couragent, Inc., makers of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner. → more
  FlipPal mobile scanner blog
12/06/2012 White, Sarah "All About Living" radio show  (Byline: Carol Koby)
IN BRIEF: Stories are a wonderful way to bond with family members. Nurture your family ties, and build your memories as a gift to share over the holidays. Sarah White gives tips → more
  WHIT 1550
12/03/2012 Lippert, Richard The E-Z Photo Scan Great American Kodak Scanner Giveaway Contest is Heating up as Scrapbookers, Photo Archivists and Small Busin  (Byline: The Great American Kodak Scanner Giveaway Contest )
IN BRIEF: Win a professional Kodak Picture Saver Scanner for your archiving services. → more
  PRWeb, YahooNews,
12/03/2012 Dennis, Janette A Season for Memories: Capturing the Tales of Persons with Dementia  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Promo for a December 12 program for Alzheimer's caregivers and families. → more
  Daily Herald
12/02/2012 McHugh, Joanne Already golden: Reflections on a marital voyage  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about my parents' 50th wedding anniversary inspired by a look through their photo albums → more
  The Intelligencer
12/02/2012 Voell, Mary Patricia TimeSlips Program Improves Quality of Life  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Facilitator Mary Voell sits with residents of Villa Loretto as they review a story created at a previous session. Photo available. → more
  Action Sunday, Fond du Lac Reporter
12/01/2012 Danielsen, Mary Is this your family? Photos washed to sea by Sandy find a home on Facebook  (Byline: Laura June)
IN BRIEF: This is story about the volunteer working I've been doing to help a neighborhood group of residents in Union Beach, New Jersey recover and reconnect with their family photos following Hurricane Sandy. → more
  The Verge
12/01/2012 Castaneda, Sue Book salutes 'The Hitch'  (Byline: MJ Clark)
IN BRIEF: Hitching Post book announced in Wyoming Business Report. → more
  Wyoming Business Report.
11/30/2012 Danielsen, Mary Hurricane Sandy: FlipPal Photo Rescue Team Deploys to Union Beach, N.J.  (Byline: Release)
IN BRIEF: Mary Danielsen was part of a team of local residents trying to rescue, clean and reconnect photos to owners whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The FlipPal Cares response deployed a team with disaster response equipment to scan 10,000 photos. → more
11/28/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Business Tips from the Greatest Generation  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: Translating the way those who lived after WWII built business into modern terms. → more
  Women's Power Networking
11/14/2012 Marks, Debbie Entrepreneur helps people to create video memoirs  (Byline: By Nicki Cruickshank, Barrie Examiner)
IN BRIEF: Debbie Marks has learned how to capture history with a camera. Marks has started up Marks in Time, a Barrie business that captures people's history and milestones on film. → more
  Barrie Examiner
11/01/2012 Beart, Nicole The Magic  (Byline: Documenting life history with a wealth of options)
IN BRIEF: Options for documenting a life history, including video biographies. → more
  Costco Connection
10/18/2012 White, Sarah Everybody Has a Story  (Byline: Sharyn Alden)
IN BRIEF: An article in the Health Perspectives, a special publication of Hometown News Group → more
  Hometown News Group, serving communities in Dane C...
10/10/2012 Goldwyn, Judy Everyone Has A Story  (Byline: Judy Goldwyn)
IN BRIEF: Article about Memoir Workshop → more
  Milford Living Magazine
10/08/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Business Tips from the Greatest Generation  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: What we can learn from the WWII adults about building successful businesses without all the technology. → more
  Women's Power Networking
10/04/2012 LaMie, Beth AP - Retirees Turn More Attention to Personal Legacies  (Byline: Dave Carpenter)
IN BRIEF: More and more people are concerned about leaving a legacy of their VALUES rather than VALUABLES → more
  Huffington Post
09/21/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Business Tips from the Greatest Generation  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: What we can learn from the WWII generation on how to build a successful business through relationships, not just technology. → more
  Women's Power Networking
09/17/2012 Woody, Elisabeth 11stories & emily takes photos present...  (Byline: Sarah Pierce)
IN BRIEF: Profile of 11stories Couple Story - Wedding Book → more
09/16/2012 White, Sarah Interview: Write Your Memoir  (Byline: Amy Carlson)
IN BRIEF: Weekend Morning News segment featuring interview with Sarah White → more
  WMTV15-Madison, Wisconsin
09/06/2012 Lee, Monica The Conversation Hub #115: Monica Lee, author of "The Percussionist's Wife"  (Byline: By Marc Vaillancourt)
IN BRIEF: Host Marc Vaillancourt interviews author Monica Lee about her new memoir, "The Percussionist's Wife: A Memoir of Sex, Crime & Betrayal" → more
  The Conversation Hub podcast
09/06/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Business Tips from the Greatest Generation  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: How to learn from the WWII generation to build successful businesses without the preponderance of technology used today. → more
  Women's Power Networking
08/30/2012 Pacelli, Pam Boomer and the Babe: Verissima Productions  (Byline: Peter Peters)
IN BRIEF: Blogtalk radio show of one hour, discussing field of personal history → more
  blogtalk radio
08/30/2012 Fredsall, Laurie The Business of Memories  (Byline: Saundra Sorenson)
IN BRIEF: Personal historian champions the art of family storytelling. → more
  The Times
08/23/2012 Wilbrink, Deborah That's the Gist of It sums up life for 98-year-old Madison resident  (Byline: Autumn Boaz)
IN BRIEF: Thad Martin writes his autobiography at age 98, from rural to urban life in 1914 to present. A personal history that includes the beginning of RV communities. → more
  The News, 6 newspapers in Nashville from GCI Publi...
08/22/2012 White, Sarah Madison writer helps people write own memoirs  (Byline: Dani Maxwell)
IN BRIEF: My 1.5 minutes of fame on a local morning news-talk show. → more
08/19/2012 Barkley, Jim Business helps record, pass on personal stories  (Byline: Kevin Allenspach)
IN BRIEF: Profile of the the owner of Sonant History and the services offered. → more
  St. Cloud Times
08/17/2012 White, Sarah Self-written obituaries give many the last word  (Byline: By Beth Teitell)
IN BRIEF: My "Put a Little Life into Your Obituary" class is mentioned in Boston Globe article on trend of self-written obituaries. → more
  The Boston Globe
08/10/2012 O'Neil, David Bonding with clients through their ancestors  (Byline: Jennifer Hoyt Cummings)
IN BRIEF: Wealth management firms attract clients by tapping into personal history projects. → more
07/21/2012 Talbot, Mary Lee Chautauquans write history of streets and their namesakes  (Byline: by Joanna Hamer)
IN BRIEF: A new book about the street names of the famed Chautauqua Institution → more
  The Chautauquan Daily
07/19/2012 Groves, Deanne Mayor honors volunteers at annual banquet  (Byline: Michael DeVault)
IN BRIEF: Deanne received distinguished service award for 30 years of service to persons with disabilities. → more
  Ouachita Citizen newspaper
07/11/2012 Twyford, Stefani Legacy Multimedia of Houston Receives 2012 Videographer Awards of Distinction from Association of Marketing and Communication Pr  (Byline: Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipie)
IN BRIEF: Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipient of two Awards of Distinction from the 2012 Videographer Awards. → more
  Business Wire
06/27/2012 Talbot, Mary Lee varies with each day's sermon topic  (Byline: column by Mary Lee Talbot)
IN BRIEF: Daily coverage of the morning devotional service at Chautauqua Institution → more
  Chautauquan Daily
06/18/2012 Groves, Deanne Letter to the editor  (Byline: Deanne Groves)
IN BRIEF: Letter to the editor regarding importance of saving stories. → more
  The News Star (local newspaper)
06/14/2012 LaMie, Beth Author to Speak About Creating Your Own Memoir  (Byline: Around Town)
IN BRIEF: Author Beth Lamie will speak at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the First Bank of Manhattan about “Creating Your Own Memoir and Family Stories.” Information: (815) 478-3987. → more
  Southtown Star Sun Times
06/01/2012 Danielsen, Mary Firefighters honor a chief who died in the line of duty one year ago  (Byline: Doug Fenichel)
IN BRIEF: The day a large plaque was dedicated in honor of Thomas Shields, assistant fire chief of the Flanders Fire & Rescue, I presented his family with a Legacy book filled with photos, interviews and other documents, preserving his impact on others lives. → more
  1st Responder Broadcast Network
05/31/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Simple Steps to Recording Great Vacation Stories  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: Sam presented a new way of storytelling your vacation memories rather than trying to journal them. You'll capture the excitement and otherwise forgotten fun moments that make holidays such a pleasure. → more
  Women's Power Networking
05/30/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Live Your Legacy to Leave Your Legacy  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: How to think about your life from the perspective of looking back briefly to live forward fully, leaving a legacy of inspiration for future generations. → more
  Women's Power Networking
05/26/2012 Kent, Eileen Eileen Kent guest on blogtalkradio.cnyurbanguy May 26, 2012 10:30am Eastern  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Hour long interview with cnyurbanguy Lou Barile on Personal History/APH and Stories of a Lifetime → more
05/18/2012 Auerbach, Richard On Stage With Iris Acker  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: This was an interview approximately 15 min. long, and Beacon TV in South Florida → more
05/11/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Simple Steps to Recording Great Life Stories  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: All you need to know to record your own personal history, simply and easily. → more
  Galloway Ridge
05/04/2012 Kent, Eileen Video Preserves history by telling stories of senior citizens  (Byline: John Pitarresi )
IN BRIEF: Press coverage of film documentary premier of "Everyone Has a Story" Telling the Stories of Oneida County Seniors → more
  Utica Observer Dispatch
04/25/2012 Whitney, Taylor Digitization Breakthrough Revives Aging Titanic Footage  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Ryerson University Special Collections Audio Visual Access and Preservation Project with SD to broadcast quality HD conversion of Titanic footage. → more
  Nexus (Issue No. 25/Spring 2012)
04/19/2012 Trainor, Steve Find a Local Personal Historian  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A TV commercial explaining what a Personal Historian does + my specific web site. → more
  KWQC-HD-TV, Davenport, Iowa / YouTube
04/16/2012 Flax, Mona Flax retiring after years at hospital  (Byline: Laura Taylor)
IN BRIEF: After 36 years in the health industry, Mona Flax has retired from her job as Chief Development and Marketing Officer at Madison County Hospital to pursue something else entirely, Personal Histories. → more
  The Madison Press
04/16/2012 Johnston, Anne 2012 MSA Buyer's Choice Awards  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Personal History Tool Kit" designed by All About Memoirs has just won the top award (Education & Games) from the Museum Store Association (MSA) at the Museum Store Association's 2012 Conference and Expo. → more
  Museum Store Association Website
04/13/2012 McNabb, Martie Family Photo Dilemma  (Byline: Mary Van Vliet)
IN BRIEF: Martie McNabb,APH member & founder of Memories Out of the Box,was interviewed by interior designer about how she helps clients tell the story of their lives using their photo & memorabilia archives. → more
  Olive Design Blog
04/11/2012 LaMie, Beth Family History Workshop  (Byline: Local News)
IN BRIEF: Workshop offered on writing family history → more
  The Kankakee Daily Journal
04/01/2012 Halliday, Deb Sharing Your Story  (Byline: Meg Fraser)
IN BRIEF: A full-page feature article on me and my business, Deb The Storian. → more
  Prime Time Magazine
03/30/2012 Patton, Benjamin Interview with Ben Patton  (Byline: Unknown)
IN BRIEF: APH member Ben Patton is interviewed by Tom Brokaw and Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe. → more
03/14/2012 Uhl, Ruth Anne Discovering Your Legacy  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: What it means to live and leave a meaningful legacy to yourself and others. → more
  Women's Power Networking
03/04/2012 Brodsky, Debbie Mama Always Comes Home  (Byline: Debbie Brodsky)
IN BRIEF: Debbie Brodsky, APH member writes about creating a deployment video - a military mom's messages to her children. → more
  Bethesda Magazine
02/17/2012 Adelman, David Mr. Genealogy: David Adelman's company helps families and family businesses make film history  (Byline: Ben Fischer)
IN BRIEF: David Adelman makes video documentaries about families. → more
  Washington Business Journal
02/17/2012 Adelman, David Nana  (Byline: Karen Hepp)
IN BRIEF: "It is essentially like a Ken Burns documentary for a family," says David Adelman, personal historian and video biographer.
  Fox-TV (fox29)
    SUMMARY: Ann Hoffman wanted a special tribute for her mom's 90th birthday party. Starting with asking for the background surrounding old pictures, the stories that her mother told demanded to be preserved. Ann called in an expert to interview and film Nana and the family,collect pictures and set it all to music, lots of footage edited down to about a thirty minute documentary. APH member David Adelman was the expert documentarian the family was lucky enough to find.   Column/Show
Kerry Barrett News
02/08/2012 Stevens, Paulette One Utah-Many Stories: Writing Personal Histories on Access Utah Wednesday  (Byline: Tom Williams)
IN BRIEF: On Wednesday’s Access Utah (Utah Public Radio) a discussion about writing the stories of our lives, and the book, One World, Many Stories - Seeking Freedom and Dignity, Experiences of Utah Residents. → more
  Utah Public Radio
02/08/2012 Taylor, Tom One Utah-Many Stories: Writing Personal Histories on Access Utah Wednesday  (Byline: Tom Williams)
IN BRIEF: On Wednesday’s Access Utah (Utah Public Radio) a discussion about writing the stories of our lives, and the book, One World, Many Stories - Seeking Freedom and Dignity, Experiences of Utah Residents. → more
  Utah Public Radio
02/07/2012 Brodsky, Debbie Is History Only in Our Textbooks?  (Byline: Debbie Brodsky)
IN BRIEF: Debbie Brodsky wonders if events aren't written about in textbooks, how will we learn the real stories and anecdotes about how life was actually lived? → more
  The APH Blog
02/05/2012 Pender, Steve Law Review Radio  (Byline: Ron Zack)
IN BRIEF: Family Legacy Video's president, Steve Pender, chats about legacy videos with estate attorney Ron Zack. → more
02/03/2012 Greenwood, Peggy West County woman connects generations through personal stories  (  pdf)  (Byline: Sheila Frayne Rhodes)
IN BRIEF: Story is the most valuable gift a person can present to his / her family. → more
  West Newsmagazine
02/02/2012 Stevens, Paulette Personal History-Bridging Generations  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A radio interview with Diantha Leavitt and Paulette Stevens of the Utah Chapter of APH. → more
  KZNU Radio
02/02/2012 Leavitt, Diantha Personal History-Bridging Generations  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Radio interview with Diantha Leavitt and Paulette Stevens of the Utah Chapter of the APH. → more
  KZNU Radio
02/02/2012 Campbell, Jennifer Launch a Business Cheaply!  (Byline: Dan Bortolotti)
IN BRIEF: Four successful female entrepreneurs tell how they started their businesses for a small investment. → more
  MORE Magazine (Canada)
01/05/2012 Wilbrink, Deborah Perfect Memoirs preserves Family History & Tells Wonderful Stories  (Byline: Wanda Southerland, Editor in Chief)
IN BRIEF: New business saves your personal history in a book or recording. → more
  The News, 6 newspapers in Nashville from GCI Publi...
01/01/2012 Payne, Annie In Their Own Words  (Byline: Annie Payne)
IN BRIEF: Personal historian Annie Payne has been helping families record the stories of loved ones for years. Here, she shows why you, too, should record your memories of a lifetime. → more
12/25/2011 McNees, Pat Getting To Know You: A How-To Story for Kids on How to Interview Family Members  (  pdf)  (Byline: Unknown)
IN BRIEF: (c) 2010 Universal Uclick Beth LaMie and Pat McNees were interviewed for this supplement to Parade Magazine → more
  Parade Magazine
12/21/2011 Campbell, Jennifer Entrepreneur Gives Clients the Memory of a Lifetime  (Byline: Lynne Strang)
IN BRIEF: Jennifer Campbell isn’t a doctor, nurse, firefighter or an EMT. She isn’t a lifeguard, either. But there’s no doubt that she’s a lifesaver. → more
  Late Blooming Entrepreneurs
12/12/2011 Shafron, Jane My Turn: Saving a life, for those left behind  (Byline: Peter Shafron)
IN BRIEF: Jane Shafron's own cancer diagnosis led her to want to preserve memories of her father for her own children. → more
  Los Angeles Times
12/11/2011 Moore, Deb Why memoir writer Deb Moore enjoys telling stories of others' lives  (Byline: Terri Finch Hamilton)
IN BRIEF: Deb Moore, personal historian,interviews folks about their lives,then preserves the stories in hard-bound books. → more
  The Grand Rapids Press
12/01/2011 Adelman, David Reel Tributes; They pitched Spirit their idea and we liked it  (Byline: editorial staff)
IN BRIEF: David Adelman describes his personal history film company Reel Tributes → more
  Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
12/01/2011 Zemborain, Eduardo Selection of articles  (  pdf)  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Excerpts from Newsweek magazine, APH newsletter, Rolls Royce Annual Calendar, Luxury Institute → more
  Newsweek and others
11/28/2011 Uhl, Ruth Anne How to Write a Bio  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: Sam will show you how to write a professional biography to be used and modified for speaking engagements and online social media networking. → more
  Women's Power Networking
11/05/2011 LaMie, Beth Beth LaMie Attends Personal Historians Conference  (Byline: Think)
IN BRIEF: Beth LaMie attended the recent 17th annual APH conference in Las Vegas → more
  The Kankakee Daily Journal
11/01/2011 Adelman, David Film Premier: A DC transplant recasts the old home movie  (Byline: Danny Harris )
IN BRIEF: "Revolutionizing what once fell in the same arts-and-craftsy category as scrapbooking, (29-year old David) Adelman is redefining the lineage of oral histories one pixel at a time.” → more
  Modern Luxury Magazine
10/29/2011 LaMie, Beth Business Briefcase: Historians  (Byline: Business Briefcase)
IN BRIEF: Beth LaMie was elected to the board of directors for the Association of Personal Historians (APH). → more
  The Kankakee Daily Journal
10/12/2011 Tabach, Barbara Personal Historians: Uncovering Our Family Stories  (Byline: Mike Thompson)
IN BRIEF: Barbara Tabach and Nikki Silva of NPR's Kitchen Sisters are interviewed on KNPR. → more
  KNPR Radio
10/11/2011 Zander, Julie 'Chehalis' Brings History to LIfe  (Byline: Brian Mittge)
IN BRIEF: Julie McDonald Zander completed another book in the series "Images of America". → more
  The Chronicle
10/03/2011 Uhl, Ruth Anne Marketing to Seniors - 5 Keys to Success  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: How marketing to those over 55 is different to marketing to those younger. → more
  Women's Power Networking
07/20/2011 Dassow, Diane Could a Family Reunion Save Your Life?  (Byline: Lynda Shrager, The Organized Caregiver)
IN BRIEF: The author of this article quotes Diane Dassow of Binding Legacies about the value of personal histories. → more
  Everyday Health
07/10/2011 Campbell, Jennifer 10 unique jobs that keep the world working  (Byline: Kaitlin Madden)
IN BRIEF: When Jennifer Campbell says she's a personal historian, people think she's a ghost writer or genealogist. → more
07/01/2011 McNees, Pat Personal storytellers capture the tales, memories of people  (Byline: Jennifer Miller)
IN BRIEF: Sherry Borzo, Pat McNees, and Larry Lehmer talk about what personal historians do. → more
  Des Moines Register
07/01/2011 Lehmer, Larry Personal storytellers capture the tales, memories of people  (Byline: Jennifer Miller)
IN BRIEF: Sherry Borzo, Pat McNees, and Larry Lehmer talk about what personal historians do. → more
  Des Moines Register
07/01/2011 Borzo, Sherry Personal storytellers capture the tales, memories of people  (Byline: Jennifer Miller)
IN BRIEF: Sherry Borzo, Pat McNees, and Larry Lehmer talk about what personal historians do. → more
  Des Moines Register
05/16/2011 Nobile, Arielle 5 Questions with Arielle Nobile, founder and director of Legacy Connections Films  (Byline: Erin Dooley)
IN BRIEF: Nobile spoke to the Camera about the inspiration behind her company, the importance and uniqueness of her work, and her current and future projects. → more
  Daily Camera
05/13/2011 White, Sarah City gem a great place to live, and to visit a lot  (Byline: Doug Moe)
IN BRIEF: Column reviewing "Westmorland: A Great Place to Live", a micro-community history → more
  Wisconsin State Journal
05/06/2011 Whitney, Taylor It  (Byline: Archiving Family and Business History)
IN BRIEF: Taylor Whitney, President and Founder of Preserving The Past, LLC is interviewed by Nannette Nocon, Private Wealth Advisor and host of It's About Money, a monthly TV show on a local Cable TV station in Penfield, NY. → more
  Penfield TV
04/25/2011 Milstein, Susan Personal History Productions  (Byline: Frank Samson)
IN BRIEF: Personal historians Susan Milstein and Andi Reese Brady tell Frank Samson how they developed a business interviewing people. → more
04/20/2011 Robinson, Rebecca Rogers TV Interview regarding tips to capture your personal history  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Rebecca Robinson of Life Story Film speaks about how to get started capturing your own family's history. Breaking the ice when it comes to interviewing family is most important. → more
  Rogers Cable TV
03/15/2011 Castaneda, Sue Wyoming State Archives Announces Completion of Oral Histories About Cokeville Elementary School Bombinb  (Byline: Sue Castaneda)
IN BRIEF: Sue Castaneda and Mark Junge complete a series of 14 interviews with survivors of the 1986 Cokeville Elementary School Bombing. → more
  Wyoming Artscapes - Wyoming Arts Council
02/24/2011 Robinson, Rebecca Personal documentaries capture memories, values  (Byline: Hannah Sutherland)
IN BRIEF: Rebecca Robinson tells how she taught herself to edit videotaped interviews of seniors into DVDs for the family. → more
  Peace Arch News
02/06/2011 Mollers, Jurgen Mindfulness and meditation make a marriage  (Byline: Louise Rafkin, Special to the Chronicle)
IN BRIEF: Personal historian Jurgen Mollers and yoga teacher/engineer Chanda William join up in business and in marriage. → more
  San Francisco Chronicle
02/01/2011 Campbell, Jennifer Start Your Biz for Under $150. Really.  (Byline: Kate Ashford)
IN BRIEF: Five shrewd women launched new companies--and careers--for less than the cost of a pair of boots. → more
  More Magazine
01/06/2011 Uhl, Ruth Anne How Ageism Affects Us All  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: Our preconceived notions about what means to age can affect us as entrepreneurs in addressing one of the largest, growing populations in America, the Baby Boomers, who don't like to see themselves as aging! → more
  Women's Power Networking
01/01/2011 Payne, Annie Welcome Home  (Byline: Annie Payne)
IN BRIEF: Preserving your own personal history for future family generations is just as important as researching your ancestors' lives. Perth-based professional storykeeper Annie Payne has a practical solution to remembering and documenting your child abode... → more
12/25/2010 LaMie, Beth Getting to Know You: A How-To Story for Kids on How to Interview Family Members  (  pdf)  (Byline: Unknown)
IN BRIEF: (c) 2010 Universal Uclick)Beth LaMie and Pat McNees were interviewed for this supplement to Parade Magazine → more
  Parade Magazine
12/07/2010 Poizner, Bridget Holiday Gift: Preserving Family Memories  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Interview of Bridget Poizner sharing information about her company Save Their Story. → more
  NBC News
11/04/2010 Uhl, Ruth Anne How Aging Affects Us All  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: Sam takes you on a hands-on tour of what an aging body can suffer from and helps develop empathy and increases our ability to communicate with our elderly populations with greater effectiveness and compassion. → more
  Women's Power Networking
10/25/2010 Uhl, Ruth Anne Make Yourself Useful!  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: If you want to maximize your networking effectiveness, make yourself useful to others. Connect them to those who might help bring prospects, offer book or other suggestions. → more
  Women's Power Networking
09/29/2010 Uhl, Ruth Anne How Aging Affects Us All  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: What ageism is and how our thoughts and feelings about older people affect us personally and professionally. → more
  Women's Power Networking
09/26/2010 Thurston, Dawn Author Offers 6 Tips to Make Writing More Interesting  (Byline: Carma Wadle)
IN BRIEF: Don't compile data, says Dawn Thurston. Tell a story. Write at the gut level, revealing how your experiences affected you. → more
  Deseret News
09/18/2010 Turnbull, Susan Bequeathing Smart Strategies: How to write an ethical will  (Byline: Lauren Foster)
IN BRIEF: You leave your family more than an estate. An ethical will, an extralegal, nonbinding document, is meant to communicate values and family feelings. → more
09/13/2010 Uhl, Ruth Anne How Ageism Affects Us All  (Byline: Sam Uhl)
IN BRIEF: How our preconceived notions about aging can affect our ability to market compassionately and effectively to our senior clients. → more
  Women's Power Networking
09/01/2010 Sevo, Ruta From Generation to Generation  (  pdf)  (Byline: Dara Kahn)
IN BRIEF: "Part of it is introspection," says Ruta Sevo, APH member who participated in Pat McNees's life story writing class. → more
  Bnai-B'rith Magazine
09/01/2010 McNees, Pat From Generation to Generation  (  pdf)  (Byline: Dara Kahn)
IN BRIEF: "Part of it is introspection," says Ruta Sevo, APH member who participated in Pat McNees's life story writing class. → more
  Bnai-B'rith Magazine
09/01/2010 LaMie, Beth 90th Herscher Labor Day Celebration  (Byline: Fairs & Festivals)
IN BRIEF: Beth LaMie will speak on "Writing Your Own Story" at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 4, at the Village Hall. → more
  The Kankakee Daily Journal
08/16/2010 McGreevy, Kathleen Your LIfe Story- One Chapter at a Time  (Byline: Charlene Richards)
IN BRIEF: "Everyone has a story, but not every story is heard." Kathleen McGreevy is changing that in Sioux Falls, SD. → more
  Keloland News
06/29/2010 Dassow, Diane And Now, the Tricky Part  (Byline: Emily Maltby)
IN BRIEF: Naming your business → more
  Wall Street Journal Online
04/07/2010 Campbell, Jennifer Trade a Pink Slip for a Passion  (Byline: Carrie Sloan)
IN BRIEF: Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to these four women. Find out how an untimely layoff led each to a whole new career → more
02/16/2010 Campbell, Jennifer Older Entrepreneurs Target Peers  (Byline: Laura Lorber)
IN BRIEF: Laid off from a job in public television, Jennifer Campbell started chronicling lives. → more
  Wall Street Journal
02/07/2010 Vaughan, Katie A bridge to the past: Personal historian helps tell stories  (Byline: Jacob LIvingston)
IN BRIEF: APH member Katie Vaughan helps father of six tell his story in the book "Dreams Become Realities." → more
  Idaho Voices
01/02/2010 Campbell, Jennifer Family Histories: Legacy writers chronicle everyday lives  (Byline: Susan Pigg)
IN BRIEF: Fred Eyman had just celebrated his 80th birthday when his daughter asked him to write his life story. → more
01/01/2010 Payne, Annie Our Living Legacy  (Byline: Annie Payne)
IN BRIEF: Most people have a selection of books about inspiring heros, and reference books but the don't have the stories from their own family yet. → more
12/18/2009 Joseph, Alli Researching Family History Has Never Been Easier  (Byline: Michael Finney)
IN BRIEF: APH member Alli Joseph featured. → more
12/15/2009 Moore, Deb Telling Your Story  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: TV interview with APH member Deb Moore and client Robin Horder-Koop about doing a personal history. → more
  What's West,
12/12/2009 Poizner, Bridget How Can I Preserve My Family’s Memories?  (Byline: Jennifer Davies)
IN BRIEF: Article gives tips on how a family can preserve their stories. → more
  San Diego Union-Tribune
11/24/2009 LaMie, Beth Book Review: Granny's Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories  (Byline: Jennifer)
IN BRIEF: Jennifer reviewed Beth LaMie's new book, "Granny's Gude to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories." → more
  The Dirty Tshirt
11/13/2009 Nobile, Arielle Clan Chronicles  (Byline: Elizabeth Gold)
IN BRIEF: Nobile records heart and soul of families. → more
  Boulder County Business Report
10/02/2009 Perham, Deborah THE GUILT TRIP CASSEROLE: The Family Dinner  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: The importance of family time during dinnertime. → more
09/16/2009 LaMie, Beth Kankakee Author Says Record Your Memories Now  (Byline: Tinker Parker)
IN BRIEF: Local Kankakee author Beth LaMie is on a mission to get people to save their family stories. → more
  The Kankakee Daily Journal
09/01/2009 White, Sarah Making History  (Byline: Nadine Goff)
IN BRIEF: Three east-side Madison women have carved out unique professional specialties preserving the past for individuals and organizations. → more
  Madison Magazine
06/22/2009 Whitney, Taylor Film Preservation Agency Moves to East Avenue  (Byline: Ribbon Cutting for Preserving The Past)
IN BRIEF: YNN News covers the ribbon cutting of Preserving The Past's new headquarters in Rochester, NY. Owner, Taylor Whitney is interviewed. → more
  YNN Channel 9, Rochester, NY
05/28/2009 O'Neil, David Local veteran recalls service in mountain division  (Byline: Steven Ryan)
IN BRIEF: World War II veteran recalls his service with one of the Von Trapps, of Sound of Music fame. → more
  The Wellesley Townsman
04/01/2009 McNees, Pat The Beneficial Effects of LIfe Story and Legacy Activities  (Byline: Pat McNees)
IN BRIEF: "Personal historians—those of us who help others tell or write their life stories, their family stories, or their organization’s stories—know firsthand how powerful the experience can be for everyone involved." → more
  Journal of Geriatric Care Management
02/13/2009 Twyford, Stefani This I Believe  (Byline: Paul Pendergraft/Stefani Twyford)
IN BRIEF: "I believe in the power of the family story." → more
  Houston Public Radio
02/01/2009 Poizner, Bridget Southwest Airlines Freedom Story: BRIDGET POIZNER  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Southwest Airlines featured Bridget as their freedom story which focused on her business as a videographer and personal historian and how she travels all over the country to conduct interviews. → more
  Southwest Airlines
10/15/2008 Nobile, Arielle Getting to the roots: Preserving family history leaves a lasting mark  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Journalist interviews APH members and highlights the benefits of having a professional help organize and preserve family memorabilia in various formats. → more
  Chicago Tribune
10/11/2008 O'Neil, David Tales From the Past, Preserved for Families  (Byline: PATRICIA R. OLSEN)
IN BRIEF: Profiles of personal historians and how they got started. → more
  The New York Times
09/11/2008 Thurston, Dawn Author Offers Tips on Making Personal History a Page-turner  (Byline: Robert Walsh)
IN BRIEF: "The goal (of writing a personal history) is so that readers will know what it's like to walk in our shoes," says Dawn Thurston."And our shoes don't have to be boring." → more
  Deseret News
07/07/2008 Dassow, Diane Sharing life stories keep memories alive for older people  (Byline: Jane Oppermann)
IN BRIEF: Column regarding the importance and benefits of personal history, quoting Diane Dassow and other APH members. → more
  Daily Herald
05/27/2008 O'Neil, David Seniors record stories to preserve personal history  (Byline: Marilyn Gardner)
IN BRIEF: With notebooks, tape recorders, and video cameras, families are coaxing a lifetime of memories from beloved relatives. → more
  The Christian Science Monitor
05/17/2008 Stahel, Paula Seniors record stories to preserve personal history  (Byline: Marilyn Garner)
IN BRIEF: With notebooks, tape recorders, and video cameras, families are coaxing a lifetime of memories from beloved relatives. → more
  Christian Science Monitor
05/17/2008 Gold, Donna Seniors record stories to preserve personal history  (Byline: Marilyn Gardner)
IN BRIEF: With notebooks, tape recorders, and video cameras, families are coaxing a lifetime of memories from beloved relatives. → more
  Christian Science Monitor
05/17/2008 Stahel, Paula Seniors record stories to preserve personal history  (Byline: Marilyn Gardner)
IN BRIEF: With notebooks, tape recorders, and video cameras, families are coaxing a lifetime of memories from beloved relatives. → more
  Christian Science Monitor
04/27/2008 White, Sarah Know Your Madisonian: Sarah E. White  (Byline: Joanne Huntley)
IN BRIEF: Profile of Sarah White, personal historian → more
  Wisconsin State Journal
12/21/2007 Pender, Steve Arizona Spotlight  (Byline: Mark McLemore)
IN BRIEF: Steve Pender speaks about video biographies with host Mark McLemore. → more
10/19/2007 Dassow, Diane Daily Herald Binding Legacies helps families preserve their pasts  (Byline: Kim Mikus)
IN BRIEF: Profile of Binding Legacies → more
  Daily Herald
10/01/2007 Coffin, Linda Member Chat  (Byline: Mary Harrison)
IN BRIEF: Linda Coffin, long-time member of Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications, is exploring an unusual business idea. She calls herself a personal historian. → more
  Member to Member
09/12/2007 Pender, Steve Shared Experience  (Byline: Ty Bowers)
IN BRIEF: Steve Pender finds a niche creating personal histories. → more
  The Explorer
04/01/2007 Pacelli, Pam LIfe Savers: Capturing your family history is a phone call away  (  pdf)  (Byline: Mary Helen Tibbs)
IN BRIEF: Mary Helen Tibbs hears about the "legacy videos" produced by Verissima Productions husband-wife team, Rob Cooper and Pam Pacelli. → more
  Memphis Magazine
03/13/2007 Poizner, Bridget Save Their Story Utilizing 21st Century Technology to Preserve Oral Histories.  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Introduction to Save Their Story's first year in business. → more
  Leavitt Communications
11/01/2006 Nobile, Arielle Pass it On: Preserving family history with cameras and questions  (Byline: Jeff Cockrell)
IN BRIEF: Highlights the importance of working with Arielle Nobile to pass on life's intangibles--wisdom and values. → more
  North Shore Magazine
10/01/2006 Coffin, Linda Preserving Personal Stories: Linda Coffin is a personal historian  (Byline: Michelle St. Martin)
IN BRIEF: "It was only after she completed a couple of projects that it hit Linda Coffin: She thought, 'I can do this. I have the interviewing, research and layout skills.' → more
  Minnesota Women's Press
10/01/2006 Coffin, Linda Delve Into Your Family History  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Linda Coffin recently presented a workshop for the 3M Genealogy Club on the topic of saving the stories that go with your genealogy research. → more
  3M Stemwinder
09/29/2006 McHatton, RJ With personal histories, everyone can star in their life stories  (Byline: Marsha King)
IN BRIEF: Features APH members R.J. McHatton, Karen Lynn Maher → more
  Seattle Times
09/29/2006 Maher, Karen With personal histories, everyone can star in their life stories  (Byline: Marsha King)
IN BRIEF: Features APH members R.J. McHatton, Karen Lynn Maher → more
  Seattle Times
08/20/2006 Archer, Jeanne The Business of Memory: Families want to preserve their life stories  (Byline: Ilana DeBare)
IN BRIEF:  APH Members Teri Duff, Jurgen Mollers, Scott Purcell talk about their personal history businesses. → more
  San Francisco Chronicle
06/01/2006 Stahel, Paula How do you go about writing your autobiography?  (Byline: Jeffrey Zaslow)
IN BRIEF: Jeffrey Zaslow (Wall Street Journal online, June 2006) interviews APH member Paula Stahel on the process. PODCAST → more
  Wall Street Journal Online
04/21/2006 Dassow, Diane Life and Times  (Byline: Elizabeth Harmon)
IN BRIEF: Personal Historians Capture Stories → more
  Daily Herald
03/30/2006 Johnson, Marc Lessons of the Terri Schiavo Case  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A one hour NPR radio interview on "Talk of the Nation" about the legacy of Terri Schiavo. → more
  NPR Radio
08/06/2005 Zander, Julie Reliving 'Life on the Home Front'  (Byline: Erik Olson)
IN BRIEF: Author and personal historian, Julie McDonald Zander completes book on World War II veterans, to benefit the Veteran's Memorial → more
  The Chronicle
06/22/2005 Pender, Steve Fathers triumphant moment lives on  (Byline: Bonnie Henry)
IN BRIEF: Video biographer Steve Pender uncovers film footage of a client's father's 1912 Olympic track event. → more
  Arizona Daily Star
05/26/2004 Breakstone, Mary DIVXNETWORKS Donates Video Technology For Use in USO Video Story Project  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Mary Breakstone worked with the USO on a project to video women and men serving in the military. → more
10/03/2002 Zander, Julie Preserve your memories  (Byline: Amy Emerson)
IN BRIEF: Family histories usually fade from collective memory when older generations pass, but that is something that Julie McDonald Zander trying to prevent. → more
  The Chronicle
09/30/2002 Zander, Julie Editor turns memories into books  (Byline: Harold Luhn)
IN BRIEF: Julie Zander's zest for helping preserve stories and memories prompted her to start a home-based business called Chapters of Life. → more
  The Daily News
09/18/2002 Zander, Julie Business helps preserve memories  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Julie McDonald Zander is an experienced journalist now capturing the stories she once thought were being lost. → more
  Lynden Tribune
12/01/2001 Voell, Mary Patricia Communication Sustains Venture  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF:  → more
  UW-Milwaukee Alumni Publication
09/18/2001 Zander, Julie Preserve Heritage before too late  (Byline: Heidi Wallenborn)
IN BRIEF: Personal historian Julie Zander and oral historian Charles Morrissey teach people how to capture oral history. → more
  Battle Ground Reflector
01/10/2001 Voell, Mary Patricia Getting Personal with family historian Mary Voell  (Byline: Sandra Whitehead)
IN BRIEF: Wanting to give her son, Matt a sense of extended family was one motivation to begin a personal history business. → more
07/30/1997 Kahn, Ellie Something Permanent to Hold On To; Oral History  (Byline: Danny Feingold)
IN BRIEF: In the era of e mail and fax, a lot of family stories are being lost. Businesspeople like Ellie Kahn are capturing the tales on video and paper as lasting reminders → more
  Los Angeles Times
05/05/1997 Kahn, Ellie Visiting the Past  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Students Glean Family Histories, Some Surprises, From Grandparents → more
  The Outlook
10/19/1996 Kahn, Ellie TV Review: 'Meet Me' a Delightful Bit of History  (Byline: Howard Rosenberg)
IN BRIEF: Review of Ellie Kahn's film, "Meet Me at Brooklyn & Soto" → more
  Los Angeles Times
Turner Hollman, Marjorie Bellingham Library to offer Show and Tell for grownups  (Byline: Matt Tota)
IN BRIEF: Background on Show & Tell program, local event in Bellingham, MA → more
  Milford (MA) Daily News
Baines, Barry Legacy Letters - How do you want to be remembered?  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Broadcast segment on Legacy Letters on the program 'A Beautiful World'. 4:44pm Central Time → more
  MPR 91.1
Kevin, Debby Reinvention Conversation from the Front Porch: Deborah Kevin, Chief Inspiration Officer, Our Tales UnTold  (Byline: Hollis Thomases)
IN BRIEF: We at ReinventionWorks believe that “Reinvention is a choice,” and as long as you have the freedom to chose — whether that’s choosing to adopt a certain outlook or choosing the course of your next career or live move — you’re the one in control. → more
  Reinvention Works