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Press Dt APH Member
Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
12/11/2012 Dassow, Diane Personal Historian Helps Families Preserve Stories  (Byline: Binding Legacies submission)
IN BRIEF: Don't wait. Now is the time to preserve your story.
  Dailiy Herald (DuPage County Bureau)
    SUMMARY: My story of finding this career and the importance of preserving the voices and values of our loved ones. A mention at the end of our Chicago APH chapter's speakers bureau.   Column/Show
Distribution/Location DuPage County, Illinois
07/20/2011 Dassow, Diane Could a Family Reunion Save Your Life?  (Byline: Lynda Shrager, The Organized Caregiver)
IN BRIEF: The author of this article quotes Diane Dassow of Binding Legacies about the value of personal histories.
  Everyday Health
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Caregiver Blog
Distribution/Location World Wide Web
06/29/2010 Dassow, Diane And Now, the Tricky Part  (Byline: Emily Maltby)
IN BRIEF: Naming your business
  Wall Street Journal Online
    SUMMARY: Sidebar about Diane Dassow's story on naming her business   Column/Show
Distribution/Location World Wide Web
07/07/2008 Dassow, Diane Sharing life stories keep memories alive for older people  (Byline: Jane Oppermann)
IN BRIEF: Column regarding the importance and benefits of personal history, quoting Diane Dassow and other APH members.
  Daily Herald
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
Chicago suburbs
10/19/2007 Dassow, Diane Daily Herald Binding Legacies helps families preserve their pasts  (Byline: Kim Mikus)
IN BRIEF: Profile of Binding Legacies
  Daily Herald
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
04/21/2006 Dassow, Diane Life and Times  (Byline: Elizabeth Harmon)
IN BRIEF: Personal Historians Capture Stories
  Daily Herald
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Special Section (50-Plus)
Distribution/Location Chicago Area Suburbs

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