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06/01/2014 Farley, Bill “I was left an orphan”: Reconstructing the Family History of Esther (Rask) Barnett  (Byline: Bill Farley)
IN BRIEF: The author reconstructs the missing childhood of Esther Rask - telling the story her parent's efforts to keep their family together.
  American Ancestors Magazine
    SUMMARY: This is the featured article in this issue and is free to everyone. There is also a link to a Pinterest board with additional photos.    
04/03/2014 Farley, Bill Legacy Writers Helps Families Preserve Their History  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Bill and Lauren Farley have started a business to help individuals, families, corporations and communities research and preserve their histories.
  San Marino Outlook
    SUMMARY: n/a    

The profile for Bill Farley is not available.

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