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Kevin, Debby Reinvention Conversation from the Front Porch: Deborah Kevin, Chief Inspiration Officer, Our Tales UnTold  (Byline: Hollis Thomases)
IN BRIEF: We at ReinventionWorks believe that “Reinvention is a choice,” and as long as you have the freedom to chose — whether that’s choosing to adopt a certain outlook or choosing the course of your next career or live move — you’re the one in control.
  Reinvention Works
    SUMMARY: At 17 years old, Deborah became emancipated and was the first person in her family to attend college. She studied special education, having a developed an interest in autism. Little did she know that 29 years later that interest would take on a special meaning. After graduation, Deborah held numerous positions in the corporate world including, accountant, a certified corporate problem-solver, a corporate trainer. However, she left that world behind in 2010 to help her son, who has autism, and became an autism activist. Deborah’s reinvention journey did not stop there though. She went on to write a book, start a communications business, and most recently, found her true passion in writing down other people’s family stories. She created Our Tales Untold to help family members record their stories.   Column/Show
Reinvention Works
Distribution/Location National webcast

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