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12/15/2015 Summers, Bruce An Entrepreneur at heart wants to turn his passion into a full-time job.  (Byline: Kimberly Palmer)
IN BRIEF: Bruce Summers continues his shift from nonprofit career to Personal Historian
  AARP Magazine
    SUMMARY: Bruce gets career advice as he continues to expand his personal history consulting practice. Bruce started dreaming about starting an "oral history" business in the 1980s, then spent 30 years in nonprofit management. A life and business coach provides good advice as he continues to expand his Personal History business. A friend and client shared,“Sometimes there is something that you were just born to do, and for Bruce, this is it. He is really gifted at drawing people out,” says Mostrom, who was Summers’s first client. She wants him to build his business not just for his own satisfaction, but because it’s important work: “When our parents are gone, their insights, experiences, memories and perspectives are lost to us forever unless we had the foresight to capture them.” The article Appeared in AARP Magazine Dec 2015 to Jan 2016 edition, page 17.   Column/Show
Work & Jobs - Work Life Balance
Distribution/Location National, United States

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