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12/11/2011 Moore, Deb Why memoir writer Deb Moore enjoys telling stories of others' lives  (Byline: Terri Finch Hamilton)
IN BRIEF: Deb Moore, personal historian,interviews folks about their lives,then preserves the stories in hard-bound books.
  The Grand Rapids Press
    SUMMARY: "Deb Moore is a memory saver. She preserves the time you chased the coal truck hoping for a stray chunk to fall off, the dance where you wore your pink formal dress and met that cute boy, the lights on the dance floor twirling like snowflakes. She listens and ponders and types and hands you a nicely bound book, full of your memories and smelling like fresh ink. The whole process makes her think some pretty deep thoughts.'   Column/Show
Living Section: Profile
Distribution/Location Grand Rapids, MI
12/15/2009 Moore, Deb Telling Your Story  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: TV interview with APH member Deb Moore and client Robin Horder-Koop about doing a personal history.
  What's West,
    SUMMARY: n/a    

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