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12/10/2012 Castaneda, Sue Sue Castaneda discusses her new book about Cheyenne’s Hitching Post Inn  (Byline: Wyoming Public Media)
IN BRIEF: Sue Castaneda discusses her new book with Wyoming Public Media's Bob Beck.
  Wyoming Public Media, KUWR - Laramie, Wyoming
    SUMMARY: "The Hitching Post Inn: Wyoming's Second Capitol" is the story of the Smith Family in Cheyenne, Wyoming - the creation of the Lincoln Court and the Hitching Post Inn -- and the part the Hitching Post Inn played in so many lives of those, not only across Wyoming, but around the world.   Column/Show
Open Spaces
Distribution/Location State of Wyoming
12/10/2012 Castaneda, Sue Michael DeGreve Playing a Reunion Show in Cheyenne  (Byline: Amy Richards)
IN BRIEF: Longtime Hitching Post Inn entertainer returns to Cheyenne to help promote Sue Castaneda's new book.
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
Southeast Wyoming
12/01/2012 Castaneda, Sue Book salutes 'The Hitch'  (Byline: MJ Clark)
IN BRIEF: Hitching Post book announced in Wyoming Business Report.
  Wyoming Business Report.
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
State of Wyoming
03/15/2011 Castaneda, Sue Wyoming State Archives Announces Completion of Oral Histories About Cokeville Elementary School Bombinb  (Byline: Sue Castaneda)
IN BRIEF: Sue Castaneda and Mark Junge complete a series of 14 interviews with survivors of the 1986 Cokeville Elementary School Bombing.
  Wyoming Artscapes - Wyoming Arts Council
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
State of Wyoming

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