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Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
11/01/2014 Turner Hollman, Marjorie Getting veterans to tell their stories  (Byline: J.D. O'Gara)
IN BRIEF: Local personal historians shares 'how to's" of Veterans' oral history project
  Local Town Pages--newspaper
    SUMMARY: After a year of collecting and sharing veterans' stories with the library of congress and the public, Marjorie turner Hollman, with support of APH Southern New England, hosted a Thank you to veterans, and invited family, friends and the public to join us to talk about sharing the stories, and see video clips. APH members who have worked with veterans spoke briefly, APH member Mary Tyrrell spoke about her military experiences and shared published poems based on her experiences.   Column/Show
front page
Distribution/Location Franklin, MA
02/23/2014 Turner Hollman, Marjorie Adult Show and Tell comes to Bellingham  (Byline: Lindsay Corcoran)
IN BRIEF: Coverage of the first show and tell program in Bellingham, report about participants, and photo
  Milford Daily News
    SUMMARY: Show and Tell participants shared stories about what they brought, why the item has meaning for them--doll clothes, a special violin, a glass bottle, a karate uniform, a program from the first are showing of the movie "Gone with the Wind."   Distribution/Location
Franklin, Milford, (MA) area
Turner Hollman, Marjorie Bellingham Library to offer Show and Tell for grownups  (Byline: Matt Tota)
IN BRIEF: Background on Show & Tell program, local event in Bellingham, MA
  Milford (MA) Daily News
    SUMMARY: interview with Debbie Marks and Marjorie Turner Hollman, referencing WSJ article about Show & Tell, origin of the program with Martie McNabb, announcing upcoming local event.   Distribution/Location
Milford/Franklin (MA) area

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