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12/17/2014 McHugh, Joanne Can family decorations hold up to public scrutiny?  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about how being featured on the local holiday house tour led to reflection about our family's Christmas decorations
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
    SUMMARY: It's important to me that our home look festive and elegant during Christmastime. So imagine how the pressure grew when the local women's club asked to feature our home on its annual holiday tour.   Column/Show
Distribution/Location Philadelphia Metropolitan
12/24/2013 McHugh, Joanne The one and only  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about Christmas days of yore at Philly's landmark department store, Wanamaker's
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
    SUMMARY: As a child, I thought that Philly's grandest department store, Wanamaker's, was the only place the real Santa Claus would come to entertain requests. This piece shares some memories of wondrous Christmases at Wanamaker's in the 1970s.   Column/Show
Distribution/Location Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
08/19/2013 McHugh, Joanne Remembering Field of Seams  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about Philly's old Veterans Stadium
  The Philadelphia Inquirer
    SUMMARY: Everybody likes to reminisce about baseball, especially with the tenth anniversary of the Vet's final innings coming up. This piece traces how Veterans Stadium came to be, remembers its unique characteristics and shares some memories of the Philly landmark.   Column/Show
Distribution/Location Philadelphia Metropolitan Region
12/02/2012 McHugh, Joanne Already golden: Reflections on a marital voyage  (Byline: Joanne C. McHugh)
IN BRIEF: Essay about my parents' 50th wedding anniversary inspired by a look through their photo albums
  The Intelligencer
    SUMMARY: Old photos provide a window into what life looked like for a young couple five decades ago. They also gave the author an opportunity to reflect on the secrets to her parents' marital success.   Column/Show
Guest Opinion
Distribution/Location Doylestown, PA (Regional Philadelphia paper)

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