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Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
12/30/2015 Forman, Alex home-for-the-holidays-end-of-the-year-conversations  (Byline: Alex Forman)
IN BRIEF: The value of Holiday conversations
  APH Blog
    SUMMARY: n/a    
12/02/2014 Forman, Alex Perfil TV Alerj  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: An interview about working as a personal historian for local tv in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  TV Alerj
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Distribution/Location Rio de Janeiro
09/22/2014 Forman, Alex Alexandra Forman-personal historian. Você inventa a historia da sua vida  (Byline: por Ludmilla de Lima)
IN BRIEF: Conte algo que não sei O Globo 9/22/14 (The column is called “Tell Me Something I don’t Know”)
  O Globo
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Conte Algo Que Não Sei
Distribution/Location Brazil
04/30/2014 Forman, Alex Flying Solo in Brazil  (Byline: Alex Forman)
IN BRIEF: I may be the only personal historian in Brazil.
  The Perstorian
    SUMMARY: When I think about what would strengthen the far- flung, international community of personal historians, I imagine an APH mentor program during the first year of membership, and I propose that sort of relationship now. I’d love to be a part of it. As an international newcomer, assigned to a veteran APH member, I (the mentee) may readily ask how to propose a project, prepare a contract, share writing exercises and war stories, get help navigating the APH website and forum, take suggestions for courses, or learn about techniques for inclusion used by others living abroad—and be gently led into volunteering for the association. As the seasoned personal historian (the mentor), I might benefit from the fresh energy, the new ideas, the cultural exchange, the community itself as we create it, and of course the fawning appreciation of my mentee. As much as the forum does already work in this way in a general sense, for this member abroad, it still feels as though there is an ocean between us.   Column/Show
My Life as a Personal Historian
Distribution/Location APH

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