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07/29/2013 Adelman, David Adelman Scion Brings in $850k for Video Business  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: The Washington Post reports on ReelGenie's seed round funding
  Washington Post
    SUMMARY: n/a    
07/29/2013 Adelman, David Maryland’s ReelGenie Raises $850,000 in Seed Funding  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: TechCocktail reports on ReelGenie's seed funding
    SUMMARY: n/a    
02/17/2012 Adelman, David Mr. Genealogy: David Adelman's company helps families and family businesses make film history  (Byline: Ben Fischer)
IN BRIEF: David Adelman makes video documentaries about families.
  Washington Business Journal
    SUMMARY: "Reel Tributes focuses its marketing on people preparing to celebrate major milestones — 90th birthdays or 50th wedding anniversaries. President of Reel Tributes, personal historian David Adelman, says those videos are often played as part of the celebration. More recently, Adelman has targeted family-owned businesses whose aging founder is preparing to hand off the company to younger generations and wants the company’s legacy to be preserved."   Column/Show
Health Column
Distribution/Location Washington, DC area
02/17/2012 Adelman, David Nana  (Byline: Karen Hepp)
IN BRIEF: "It is essentially like a Ken Burns documentary for a family," says David Adelman, personal historian and video biographer.
  Fox-TV (fox29)
    SUMMARY: Ann Hoffman wanted a special tribute for her mom's 90th birthday party. Starting with asking for the background surrounding old pictures, the stories that her mother told demanded to be preserved. Ann called in an expert to interview and film Nana and the family,collect pictures and set it all to music, lots of footage edited down to about a thirty minute documentary. APH member David Adelman was the expert documentarian the family was lucky enough to find.   Column/Show
Kerry Barrett News
12/01/2011 Adelman, David Reel Tributes; They pitched Spirit their idea and we liked it  (Byline: editorial staff)
IN BRIEF: David Adelman describes his personal history film company Reel Tributes
  Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
    SUMMARY: n/a    
11/01/2011 Adelman, David Film Premier: A DC transplant recasts the old home movie  (Byline: Danny Harris )
IN BRIEF: "Revolutionizing what once fell in the same arts-and-craftsy category as scrapbooking, (29-year old David) Adelman is redefining the lineage of oral histories one pixel at a time.”
  Modern Luxury Magazine
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
The Radar/Film/DC Magazine section
Distribution/Location Washington, DC area

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