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Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
01/17/2014 McNabb, Martie A Show-and-Tell for Adults in Brooklyn  (Byline: Like Pinterest but in person. Or Antiques Roadshow)
IN BRIEF: Just like elementary school but without the gerbils... we hope! Bring an object & tell a story!
  Wall Street Journal
    SUMMARY: The writer Richard Morgan joined us for the whole event & interviewed participants about their reasons for being there & sharing.   Column/Show
Metropolis New York Culture section
Distribution/Location International distribution
04/13/2012 McNabb, Martie Family Photo Dilemma  (Byline: Mary Van Vliet)
IN BRIEF: Martie McNabb,APH member & founder of Memories Out of the Box,was interviewed by interior designer about how she helps clients tell the story of their lives using their photo & memorabilia archives.
  Olive Design Blog
    SUMMARY: Mary Van Vliet is a friend & an interior designer who all too often comes across boxes, closets, attics & basements full of personal archives/stories. We work together to help her client's celebrate & honor their lives. Mary beautifully described my process & my passion for my art/work.   Distribution/Location
New York City

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