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10/04/2016 White, Sarah Writing Your Own Obit: a Chance to Reflect, Get It Right  (Byline: Melissa Kossler Dutton)
IN BRIEF: with several interviews, the author explores the increasing trend for self-written obituaries.
  abc news
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
multi-city, USA
09/20/2015 White, Sarah Around Town: East Side History Club raising money to reprint popular album  (Byline: Mathew DeFour)
IN BRIEF: The local history club I co-founded is featured in this article about a fundraising event for publishing a second edition of our popular 2008 history book.
  Wisconsin State Journal
    SUMMARY: "In another sign of the East Side’s rapid rejuvenation, a local history club is planning a second edition of a popular 2008 history album of the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara neighborhood. "… The book is described as being similar to the local geography — “a crazy quilt stitched together from the contributions of the people who have lived and worked here.” "The first 400 copies sold at the grand opening of the Goodman Community Center on Waubesa Street in September 2008. Since then the neighborhood has continued a rapid transformation with a slew of new restaurants, brew pubs and shops spurred by a new wave of young professionals and parents. "White said the goal is to raise $26,000 to print another 2,000 copies, though with plenty of new material. Many others have come forward with old photos or information about nearly forgotten businesses. Unlike the original, the new album will include side-by-side, then-and-now photos, White said."   Distribution/Location
Dane County, Wisconsin region
06/05/2014 White, Sarah Telling Life’s Stories: Four Late-Blooming Personal Historians by Lynne Strang  (Byline: Lynne Strang)
IN BRIEF: Article profiling Sarah White, Lin Joyce, Bruce Summers, and Tom Gilbert on LaterBloomer blog
    SUMMARY: Sarah White, Lin Joyce, Bruce Summers, and Tom Gilbert describe their personal history practices. Ten tips for becoming a personal historian are included.   Distribution/Location
05/30/2014 White, Sarah The examined life | Personal historians preserve ‘ordinary’ lives through published memoirs  (Byline: Lynn Vincent)
IN BRIEF: A survey and profile of personal history work
  Christian World
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Distribution/Location worldwide
04/15/2014 White, Sarah Writing Your Own Obituary Is Your ‘Final Selfie!’  (Byline: Linda Lee)
IN BRIEF: Now that ‘selfies’ have become so popular, here’s your chance to leave one ‘final selfie‘ for people to remember you by! Instead of leaving it to your grieving family, more people are now writing their own obituaries.
  WYCD 99.5 Detroit, CBS local affiliate
    SUMMARY: Sarah credits much of the growing interest in her course to Baby Boomers concerned with their legacy. “Just the idea of taking a little more control over what is said about you as opposed to leaving it to the funeral director and what your relatives remember to say at a time that’s very stressful for them,” Sarah says.   Distribution/Location
04/01/2014 White, Sarah Woman Explores The Art Of The "Selfie Obituary"  (Byline: Fox49 Philadelphia reporter)
IN BRIEF: The Selfie Obituary: write your own obituary so your family doesn't have to.
  Fox 49 Philadelphia (local news)
    SUMMARY: Sarah White, who presides over the Association Of Personal Historians, has taught several obituary writing classes and is now taking a preference and interest in the concept of the "Selfie Obituary."   Distribution/Location
03/12/2013 White, Sarah Hey, at Least You Can Be Virtually Immortal  (Byline: J. Peder Zane)
IN BRIEF: A survey of ways people are curating and preserving their life stories for future generations.
  The New York Times
    SUMMARY: In this article Zane interviews four members of APH and their clients, with a focus on technology that allows us to become "virtually immortal." Cathi Nelson, Stefani Twyford, Mary O'Brien Tyrrell and Sarah White are mentioned in the article.   Column/Show
Retirement (special section)
Distribution/Location International
12/23/2012 White, Sarah Holiday Storytelling  (Byline: Amy Carlson)
IN BRIEF: Holiday special, Weekend Morning News segment featuring interview with Sarah White
  WMTV15-Madison, Wisconsin
    SUMMARY: 4 minute interview on ways to pass on family history and traditions by sharing stories at the holidays.   Column/Show
Weekend Morning News
Distribution/Location Southern Wisconsin
12/06/2012 White, Sarah "All About Living" radio show  (Byline: Carol Koby)
IN BRIEF: Stories are a wonderful way to bond with family members. Nurture your family ties, and build your memories as a gift to share over the holidays. Sarah White gives tips
  WHIT 1550
    SUMMARY: A one-hour interview on local radio with Sarah White, memoir writing partner. Stories are a wonderful way to bond with family members. Nurture your family ties, and build your memories as a gift to share over the holidays. Sarah White gives tips for helping families and extended families connect across time and space. Depending on age, cultural differences, or separation, everyone has the opportunity to personalize their family stories and have fun together over the holidays. Ideas range from playing Family History Detective, telling "Behind the Stuff" stories, creating a Photobook, making a Video Story or a Family Time Capsule, or learning about the family person you were named after.   Column/Show
Carol Koby, All About Living
Distribution/Location Greater Madison area, Wisconsin
10/18/2012 White, Sarah Everybody Has a Story  (Byline: Sharyn Alden)
IN BRIEF: An article in the Health Perspectives, a special publication of Hometown News Group
  Hometown News Group, serving communities in Dane C...
    SUMMARY: Sarah White, Memory Keeper and Founder of First Person Productions, helps peope preserve the past by writing their memoir.   Distribution/Location
Dane County, Wisconsin region
09/16/2012 White, Sarah Interview: Write Your Memoir  (Byline: Amy Carlson)
IN BRIEF: Weekend Morning News segment featuring interview with Sarah White
  WMTV15-Madison, Wisconsin
    SUMMARY: 4 minute interview on why you should write your memoir and how to get started, perhaps with a cookbook memoir or travel memoir   Column/Show
Weekend Morning News
Distribution/Location Southern Wisconsin
08/22/2012 White, Sarah Madison writer helps people write own memoirs  (Byline: Dani Maxwell)
IN BRIEF: My 1.5 minutes of fame on a local morning news-talk show.
    SUMMARY: Dani Maxwell interviews Sarah White on how she helps people remember, write and share the stories of their lives, to communicate with generations to come.   Column/Show
Wake Up Wisconsin
Distribution/Location Southern Wisconsin / Greater Madison Area
08/17/2012 White, Sarah Self-written obituaries give many the last word  (Byline: By Beth Teitell)
IN BRIEF: My "Put a Little Life into Your Obituary" class is mentioned in Boston Globe article on trend of self-written obituaries.
  The Boston Globe
    SUMMARY: Having done all they can to dictate exactly how their funerals will go — down to music playlists and menus — Baby Boomers, and some members of the Silent Generation, are taking control to the next level: writing their own obituaries. Statistics on the number of seniors working to meet the ultimate deadline are hard to come by, but obituary-writing courses are now being offered on-line and in workshops, and informal obit-writing sessions are popping up all over.   Column/Show
Distribution/Location Greater Boston Area
05/13/2011 White, Sarah City gem a great place to live, and to visit a lot  (Byline: Doug Moe)
IN BRIEF: Column reviewing "Westmorland: A Great Place to Live", a micro-community history
  Wisconsin State Journal
    SUMMARY: Excerpts from the column: "I suspect many in Madison will open their own Westmorland memory bank with the publication of “Westmorland: A Great Place to Live,” which will have its launch party Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Sequoya Library, another Westmorland landmark. The book is being published by the Westmorland Neighborhood Association and timed to celebrate its 70th anniversary, making it one of the oldest neighborhood associations in the city. Even for grizzled veterans like myself, the book holds surprises. I have a vague recollection of hearing there once was another golf course in Westmorland besides Glenway, but who knew there also was a free-standing driving range?" Martinelli, 61, co-chairs the neighborhood association’s history committee, formed in 2002. Members began contributing history pieces to the neighborhood newsletter, with the hope they’d eventually be collected into a book. Local editor and writer Sarah White was hired to polish them and pull the project together. Both White and Martinelli will speak at the Sequoya event Saturday, where members of the association will be given a free book (they will also be for sale to the general public).   Column/Show
Doug Moe
Distribution/Location Dane County, WIsconsin
09/01/2009 White, Sarah Making History  (Byline: Nadine Goff)
IN BRIEF: Three east-side Madison women have carved out unique professional specialties preserving the past for individuals and organizations.
  Madison Magazine
    SUMMARY: I was profiled as one of three Madison-area women working in personal/community history.   Distribution/Location
Dane County, Wisconsin
04/27/2008 White, Sarah Know Your Madisonian: Sarah E. White  (Byline: Joanne Huntley)
IN BRIEF: Profile of Sarah White, personal historian
  Wisconsin State Journal
    SUMMARY: Sarah White discusses why saving lives, one story at a time, is important.   Distribution/Location
Dane County, Wisconsin

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