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01/22/2014 Barrett, Ronda Personal Histories: For the Next Generation, and Yourself  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A growing contingent of older Americans are using video, audio or written word to capture their personal histories. These efforts benefit their loved ones as well as themselves.
  Gazette Seniors, Montgomery County
    SUMMARY: Personal histories benefit more than the younger generations. They can, Barrett said, help the tellers themselves, as they provide a natural opportunity for reflection and self-assessment. "They get catharsis," Barrett said. "They are stopping and capturing what they know about their lives. You get to address your regrets and think about what you'll do with the time you have left."   Column/Show
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Distribution/Location Montgomery County, Maryland
12/10/2013 Barrett, Ronda Our story, in the hands of a pro  (Byline: Families hire )
IN BRIEF: Ronda Barrett worked with the Lanning family to capture the story of 84 year old life long pilot James C. Lanning through film.
  The Washington Post
    SUMMARY: Lanning's granddaughter was determined to save his adventure stories of being a pilot since the age of sixteen. Unable to find the time, the family hired Ronda to make a film so that their children's children would "be able to hear Pop tell these stories himself." While many people from his generation are reluctant to sit in the spotlight, research shows that children who know their family stories are more firmly rooted in their identity and experience more self-confidence and less anxiety. The growing field of Personal Historians allows families to seek help in guiding individuals through the life story process.   Column/Show
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