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03/04/2012 Brodsky, Debbie Mama Always Comes Home  (Byline: Debbie Brodsky)
IN BRIEF: Debbie Brodsky, APH member writes about creating a deployment video - a military mom's messages to her children.
  Bethesda Magazine
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
DC, Virginia, Maryland
02/07/2012 Brodsky, Debbie Is History Only in Our Textbooks?  (Byline: Debbie Brodsky)
IN BRIEF: Debbie Brodsky wonders if events aren't written about in textbooks, how will we learn the real stories and anecdotes about how life was actually lived?
  The APH Blog
    SUMMARY: Video biographer and APH member Debbie Brodsky writes about the documentary she created of an African American woman who came of age in 1950's Birmingham, Alabama. A schoolchild uses the documentary created for her grandmother's 50th wedding anniversary to illustrate aspects of life in segregated Alabama that would otherwise gone unknown.   Column/Show
social history

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