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08/20/2006 Archer, Jeanne The Business of Memory: Families want to preserve their life stories  (Byline: Ilana DeBare)
IN BRIEF:  APH Members Teri Duff, Jurgen Mollers, Scott Purcell talk about their personal history businesses.
  San Francisco Chronicle
    SUMMARY: "As Baby Boomers have started to get a little bit older, they've recognized that their parents are getting older," said Jeanne Archer, (then) president of the 500-member Association of Personal Historians, which was created in 1995. "They want to preserve their stories. They're realizing they really need to start this process of getting memories down and preserved for their children." "Personal historian" isn't as familiar a job title as nurse, plumber or software engineer. And personal historians come to their businesses from a variety of backgrounds. The field has no training programs or credentials. Practitioners range from former journalists, anthropologists and historians to homemakers who started recording their parents' stories and discovered they had a knack for it.   Column/Show
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