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09/18/2010 Turnbull, Susan Bequeathing Smart Strategies: How to write an ethical will  (Byline: Lauren Foster)
IN BRIEF: You leave your family more than an estate. An ethical will, an extralegal, nonbinding document, is meant to communicate values and family feelings.
    SUMMARY: Needing a break from a story she (Susan Turnbull) was working on, she picked up the local newspaper lying on her desk and found mention of an ethical will buried in a column. "What struck me was that it was the missing piece of estate planning," Susan Turnbull, personal historian says. "A will is written in formal legalese that is very limited in scope. It has no personality, and there is no life or warmth in it. Love and affection and gratitude may be implied by the document, but are never stated." "An ethical will takes a 30,000-foot view of your life," Turnbull adds, "and tries to capture the essence of what has been important to you, and the lasting messages you want to leave."   Column/Show

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