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11/01/2014 Bell, April The Ethical Will, an Ancient Concept, Is Revamped for the Tech Age  (Byline: CONSTANCE GUSTKE)
IN BRIEF: Ethical Wills, their past, present and future
  The New York Times
    SUMMARY: Even iPhone apps are being used to create ethical wills. April Bell, who owns a video storytelling business called Tree of Life Legacies, codeveloped the ethical will app StoryCatcher for iPhone use. The app gives people easy-to-use tools to tell their own stories on videos. “When you capture someone on film, you get the full essence of who they are,” said Ms. Bell, who is passionate about ethical wills. People can share their finished videos in Dropbox folders or on private websites. One of her clients made a 45-minute ethical will video, which included a reading from the author Kahlil Gibran as soft music played in the background. To coax storytelling, Ms. Bell uses a 20-question questionnaire that touches on a person’s values and philosophies. “But the point is keeping it simple and fun,” she said.   Column/Show
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08/08/2014 Bell, April Capturing Walnut Creek's Memories  (Byline: By Deborah Burstyn)
IN BRIEF: "Since 2012, we've interviewed 18 people. We will be interviewing 10 more longtime or past Walnut Creek residents in September," said Bell, a Walnut Creek townie herself.
  The Contra Costa Times' Walnut Creek Journal
    SUMMARY: To help commemorate Walnut Creek's 100th anniversary, the Walnut Creek Historical Society commissioned professional [personal historian] April Bell to film interviews with longtime Walnut Creek residents and capture their memories for posterity for an oral history project. "We've interviewed people from all walks of life, from civic leaders, longtime business owners to regular people who remember what it was like growing up in Walnut Creek when it was a town where everyone knew who you were and what you were up to."   Distribution/Location
Walnut Creek, CA
08/05/2014 Bell, April App Review: StoryCatcher  (Byline: Shannon Combs Bennett)
IN BRIEF: StoryCatcher is an iPhone app that allows the user to quickly, and easily, create and share [family history] videos.
  The Indepth Genealogist
    SUMMARY: Let’s face it, ways of sharing our family history are moving more and more into the digital age. While books, charts, graphs, and so forth are interesting to the hardcore genealogists among us, to most of our family it is boring and dry. Why not create 1-2 minute movies that you can share via email or social media? Plus, we can capture the current family history as it happens allowing our descendants to be in the moment with us.   Distribution/Location
01/14/2014 Bell, April App to help you gather family stories  (Byline: Stephanie West Allen)
IN BRIEF: Because I believe the flow from ancestry to life to legacy is important—often extremely influential on how we live our lives and affect future generations…
    SUMMARY: If you plan to collect some of your family stories, I wanted to let you know about StoryCatcher, a smart phone app to help you with the process.   Distribution/Location
01/01/2014 Bell, April Tree of Life Legacies Doing more for families than just telling stories  (Byline: Sophie Braccini)
IN BRIEF: Developing a strong narrative by documenting stories from the family is something Lafayette resident and businesswoman April Bell started to do six years ago, and with the help of a new app, she is making it even easier and more affordable.
  Lamorinda Weekley
    SUMMARY:  "I do projects for families, for companies, for groups like the Walnut Creek Historical Society," says Bell. "Sometimes I am hired by children who want me to interview their parents, or by individuals who want to share a legacy." She sets a pre-interview appointment where she determines the scope and purpose of the video, then prepares a set of questions before starting the actual taping. Editing the video is "an involved process that can become a bit costly," says Bell, "and since I believe it is so important for generations to share their stories, I looked for a way to make it more affordable." And she did. With partner Urs Brauchli she developed a $2.99 iPhone app called StoryCatcher that was released in 2013.   Column/Show
Local Business
Distribution/Location San Francisco East Bay Area
12/24/2013 Bell, April App Review: Storycatcher  (Byline: Liz Massey)
IN BRIEF: StoryCatcher is a wonderful development in the evolution of how we record, structure and save family histories. Users only need minimal technical ability with…
  Listen Closely Productions
    SUMMARY: What It Is : StoryCatcher is a smart phone application developed by personal historian April Bell, who runs Tree of Life Legacies and iPhone app developer Urs Brauchli. It is designed to help users make mini-documentaries for their family using only their smartphone and some ingenuity.   Column/Show
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