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Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
03/30/2014 Borzo, Sherry Group's Members Tell Stories the Old Fashioned Way  (Byline: Mike Kilen)
IN BRIEF: Show & Tell Des Moines members gather to share stories.
  Des Moines Register
    SUMMARY: Stories and details of the March Show & Tell Des Moines event.   Column/Show
Iowa Life Section
Distribution/Location Des Moines, Iowa
03/12/2014 Borzo, Sherry Sharing Stories: Show & Tell for Grown-ups.  (Byline: Megan Reuther)
IN BRIEF: Show & Tell Des Moines launches!
    SUMMARY: Come to the March 2014 meeting. Tell a story about something special to you.   Column/Show
Distribution/Location Des Moines, Iowa
07/01/2011 Borzo, Sherry Personal storytellers capture the tales, memories of people  (Byline: Jennifer Miller)
IN BRIEF: Sherry Borzo, Pat McNees, and Larry Lehmer talk about what personal historians do.
  Des Moines Register
    SUMMARY: "...'There seems to be a trend toward looking at the value of stories of our life and our things, and of family connections,' (personal historian and APH member) Pat McNees says, pointing to the popularity of shows like PBS's "Antiques Roadshow," NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are" (which traces the family trees of celebrities) and National Public Radio's "StoryCorps" project, which records audio of ordinary people of every stripe telling personal stories."   Column/Show
Tell Me More
Distribution/Location Des Moines, IA

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