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Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
12/03/2015 Nobile, Arielle Making a documentary can take big step to ensure family business continuity  (Byline: Arielle Nóbile)
IN BRIEF: Article takes reader through a fictional composite of a real family in business together and the struggles they face with communicating their history, values, and future wishes to the rising generation.
  Smart Business Online
    SUMMARY: Explores how when this family embarks on the Legacy filmmaking process, power dynamics within the family shift and lasting communication changes bring them closer to one another.    
11/15/2015 Nobile, Arielle Legacy Connections Films Lets Families Tell Their Stories  (Byline: Simon Murray)
IN BRIEF: A reporter interviewed me over breakfast and wrote a chronicle of how I went from actress to filmmaker to Legacy filmmaker.
  The North Shore Weekend
    SUMMARY: A very thorough and entertaining examination of the past 10 years of my business. From my NYU education to 9/11 to working at Piven Theatre and Second City, it is a look at the evolution of my work and career.   Column/Show
Sunday Breakfast
Distribution/Location North Shore of Chicago
10/07/2015 Nobile, Arielle Lafayette film company celebrating 10 years  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Short article highlighting my work over these 10 years.
  Colorado Hometown Weekly
    SUMMARY: n/a    
08/06/2015 Nobile, Arielle The family filmmaker  (Byline: Wilmette native celebrates decade of making docume)
IN BRIEF: Arielle Nobile, a Wilmette native and New Trier graduate, makes documentary films centered on families with her company, Legacy Connections Films.
  The Wilmette Beacon,
    SUMMARY: Chronicles the inspiration Nobile had for becoming a documentary filmmaker, how she started her company 10 years ago, and what her process has been like over the years.   Column/Show
Life & Arts Cover Story
Distribution/Location Wilmette, Glencoe, Northfield, and Winnetka, IL
10/18/2013 Nobile, Arielle Volunteers, photo shops work to save flood-damaged photos  (Byline: Volunteers work to save photos damaged in CO flood)
IN BRIEF: Newcast talks about the efforts of volunteers in Boulder to rescue people's damaged personal treasures
  FOX 31 Denver News KDVR
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Nightly News
Distribution/Location Colorado
05/16/2011 Nobile, Arielle 5 Questions with Arielle Nobile, founder and director of Legacy Connections Films  (Byline: Erin Dooley)
IN BRIEF: Nobile spoke to the Camera about the inspiration behind her company, the importance and uniqueness of her work, and her current and future projects.
  Daily Camera
    SUMMARY: A family hopes to chronicle their history for future generations. A terminally ill mother wants to leave something of herself behind for her children. A business-owner wants to show the more human side of his company to the community. Arielle Nobile, founder and director of Legacy Connections Films in Lafayette, helps people like these express themselves through the medium of narrative film. In projects that take anywhere from two months to two years, Nobile and her company tell people\'s stories and connect them to their ancestors.   Column/Show
5 Questions
Distribution/Location Boulder, CO
11/13/2009 Nobile, Arielle Clan Chronicles  (Byline: Elizabeth Gold)
IN BRIEF: Nobile records heart and soul of families.
  Boulder County Business Report
    SUMMARY: Nobile applies her skills as a theatre director to capture family histories on DVD. Article includes interviews with former clients, as well as interviews with Nobile. Excerpt: The process of creating a family documentary revolves around interviews - asking family members personal questions. You'd think a stranger coming in with a camera would be off-putting, but apparently Nóbile has a knack for setting people at ease. "Her interviewing ability is a skill," says Mark Balasa, who commissioned Nóbile to create a family documentary for his clan. "She makes people comfortable in front of the camera and asks the kind of questions that elicit emotions and uncover what the family is about.   Distribution/Location
Boulder County, Colorado
10/15/2008 Nobile, Arielle Getting to the roots: Preserving family history leaves a lasting mark  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Journalist interviews APH members and highlights the benefits of having a professional help organize and preserve family memorabilia in various formats.
  Chicago Tribune
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
Chicago, IL
11/01/2006 Nobile, Arielle Pass it On: Preserving family history with cameras and questions  (Byline: Jeff Cockrell)
IN BRIEF: Highlights the importance of working with Arielle Nobile to pass on life's intangibles--wisdom and values.
  North Shore Magazine
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
Chicago, IL

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