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Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
03/07/2016 Twyford, Stefani Creating My Fatherís Legacy: Martin Elkortís Photography  (Byline: unknown)
  Feminine Collective
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
02/10/2016 Twyford, Stefani Stefani Twyford Ė Memory Maker & Renaissance Woman  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Stefani Twyford is more than just a memory maker and a renaissance woman, she is remarkable, funny, charming and kind and if you want to preserve your story, we highly suggest you give Legacy Multimedia a call.
  J-Vibe Magazine
    SUMMARY: You can never tell a book by its cover. You canít just read the inside cover or the final page to know the real story, and thatís also the case when you meet someone and hear their story. Everyone has a story to tell. Some people tell it through the written word, some people say it by word of mouth and some people tell it through film. Stefani Twyford is a memory maker by telling other peoples stories through film. Some of these people are everyday people that want to preserve their memories for the next generations to come, and some are change makers who wish to preserve their accomplishments for the future and not to be forgotten. But, Stefani is more than that, she is a Renaissance woman and, like many women, has lived many different lives, reinvented herself and is fascinating.   Distribution/Location
Houston, TX
07/19/2013 Twyford, Stefani Family stories: Take note and take notes  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: How to get family members talking about the past.
  The Leader
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Front page of Family Time section
Distribution/Location Houston Heights
07/10/2013 Twyford, Stefani Legacy Multimedia of Houston Receives 2013 Hermes Creative Award For Personal History  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipient of a Gold Award in the Documentary category from the 2013 Hermes Creative Awards.
  Business Wire
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
SW Region
03/13/2013 Twyford, Stefani Hey, at Least You Can Be Virtually Immortal  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Examining the growing trend of documenting one's personal history in a variety of formats.
  The New York Times
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
Special Section on Retirement
Distribution/Location International distribution
07/11/2012 Twyford, Stefani Legacy Multimedia of Houston Receives 2012 Videographer Awards of Distinction from Association of Marketing and Communication Pr  (Byline: Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipie)
IN BRIEF: Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipient of two Awards of Distinction from the 2012 Videographer Awards.
  Business Wire
    SUMMARY: n/a   Distribution/Location
International distribution
02/13/2009 Twyford, Stefani This I Believe  (Byline: Paul Pendergraft/Stefani Twyford)
IN BRIEF: "I believe in the power of the family story."
  Houston Public Radio
    SUMMARY: n/a   Column/Show
This I Believe

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