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02/02/2015 McNees, Pat Personal History segment, Seniors Today (Montgomery County, MD)  (Byline: Austin Heyman iinterviews Pat McNees and Debbie Br)
IN BRIEF: Seniors Today does stories for seniors and this segment was all about personal histories as a wonderful process (and product) for seniors.
  Montgomery County Cable
    SUMMARY: We had 9 minutes to explain (through an interview) what personal histories are, how and why they're done, and what it's like to do them professionally. Not much time, but it's enough, really.   Column/Show
Seniors Today
Distribution/Location Montgomery County, MD -- but it's online
12/25/2011 McNees, Pat Getting To Know You: A How-To Story for Kids on How to Interview Family Members  (Byline: Unknown)
IN BRIEF: (c) 2010 Universal Uclick Beth LaMie and Pat McNees were interviewed for this supplement to Parade Magazine
  Parade Magazine
    SUMMARY: Personal historians Pat McNees and Beth LaMie offer practical and fun advice to help children get to know their older relatives and family friends. The article explains how to set up and conduct an interview and offers a list of sample questions to get started.   Column/Show
The Mini Page supplement
Distribution/Location US National distribution
07/01/2011 McNees, Pat Personal storytellers capture the tales, memories of people  (Byline: Jennifer Miller)
IN BRIEF: Sherry Borzo, Pat McNees, and Larry Lehmer talk about what personal historians do.
  Des Moines Register
    SUMMARY: "...'There seems to be a trend toward looking at the value of stories of our life and our things, and of family connections,' (personal historian and APH member) Pat McNees says, pointing to the popularity of shows like PBS's "Antiques Roadshow," NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are" (which traces the family trees of celebrities) and National Public Radio's "StoryCorps" project, which records audio of ordinary people of every stripe telling personal stories."   Column/Show
Tell Me More
Distribution/Location Des Moines, IA
09/01/2010 McNees, Pat From Generation to Generation  (Byline: Dara Kahn)
IN BRIEF: "Part of it is introspection," says Ruta Sevo, APH member who participated in Pat McNees's life story writing class.
  Bnai-B'rith Magazine
    SUMMARY: "People today of all ages, stages, and backgrounds are taking up the rewarding art of writing personal memoirs and family histories, not only for the sheer joy of writing but with the hope of clarifying their own lives and passing their stories on to the next generation." their own lives and passing their stories on to the next generation. Pat McNees, an author, editor, and personal historian, teaches about life stories and legacy writing at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Md. There she encourages her students to write about whatever is most important to them—things they feel ambivalent about, difficult memories, pleasant ones—but always with an emphasis on storytelling. Participants read their work aloud and receive feedback from others in the class. She said that writing one’s life story in such a group setting with the help of a mature leader encourages people to view their past positively.    
04/01/2009 McNees, Pat The Beneficial Effects of LIfe Story and Legacy Activities  (Byline: Pat McNees)
IN BRIEF: "Personal historians—those of us who help others tell or write their life stories, their family stories, or their organization’s stories—know firsthand how powerful the experience can be for everyone involved."
  Journal of Geriatric Care Management
    SUMMARY: n/a    

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