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01/01/2012 Payne, Annie In Their Own Words  (Byline: Annie Payne)
IN BRIEF: Personal historian Annie Payne has been helping families record the stories of loved ones for years. Here, she shows why you, too, should record your memories of a lifetime.
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01/01/2011 Payne, Annie Welcome Home  (Byline: Annie Payne)
IN BRIEF: Preserving your own personal history for future family generations is just as important as researching your ancestors' lives. Perth-based professional storykeeper Annie Payne has a practical solution to remembering and documenting your child abode...
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Oceana Region
01/01/2010 Payne, Annie Our Living Legacy  (Byline: Annie Payne)
IN BRIEF: Most people have a selection of books about inspiring heros, and reference books but the don't have the stories from their own family yet.
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